Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Is Eto'o happy to come?

I was reading some of the comments about Eto'o and it seems to be different to what I have been told.

I took my friend for a tour of our ground and the tour guy told us that the Eto'o deal is out of City's hands! He said Eto'o is willing to come but wants a pay off from Barcelona before he leaves.

Now I know your thinking that it is just a tour guide, he knew his stuff though and mentioned he meets with Garry Cook, So watch this space!

When I asked about Tevez he said ' I don't think that's a secret to anybody that he will be coming'.


  1. Gary,
    I just hope you're right on both counts, mate!

  2. Im sure he'll thanks you when hes collecting his p45 !

  3. His lawyer is denying meeting City or knowing of any deal outside of hearing the Laporta stratospheric quote. Of course, he could be a liar.
    Maybe, he is using City like Kaka did? We will find out soon, no doubt.

  4. I think it is a bit of trickery on all parts but ours this time.
    Barcalona are getting an amazing deal for someone in the last year of the contract. They know it. The player's agent know's it. As i understood the rules on these things, if yu don't ask for a transfer then you get a % of the fee. Remember Joey Barton - wanting his £625,000 cos he hadn't asked for a move !!
    In this case if Eto see's out his final year he can go for free. If he does then he gets a signing on fee from the new club, probably in his case £10m + I know it's ironic when we talking about the mega money wages but he wants his share.
    This new trick of the 2 year contract seems to recognise that and try to get us to pay more for him.
    I think it will be sorted as they dont want him and in their minds ( a bit like us) they see Villa playing their. So it will come down to the money and we seem to be doing the right thing by saying it's down to you to to sort it out.
    The typical press stories when they started of Eto to snub city seem to be refuted by the agent though.
    It's all gone quiet on Tevez i hope that s resolved soon.

  5. All very interesting and exciting.
    Eto'o is reported to be on more money than Robinho at Barcelona so I think we will have to break the bank on salary. Worth it though.
    Tevez, what is he waiting for?
    It's great being a City fan.