Tuesday, 30 April 2013

No.3 Netherlands and Nigel de Jong

At number three in my top ten viewers is the Netherlands and the player I have chosen for them is my current favourite City player Nigel de Jong.

I have to start by saying that I absolutely idolise Nigel de Jong, I relish seeing him play every week.

Jongy started his career in his homeland with Ajax, making his first team debut in 2002 aged just 18. Nigel became an important player in the Ajax team over the four year period he was there, with his contract coming to an end he decided to move on to Hamburg in January 2006 in a cut price one million euro deal.

After some great displays for both club and country de Jong found his true calling in January 2009 when he signed for City. Mark Hughes was reported to have paid at least £10 million more for him than he would have had to if he waited until the summer, which I think was a great decision on his part considering how influential he is to our team.

With the likes of Tevez and Silva taking all the limelight I don't think de Jong gets anywhere near the type of credit he deserves, from anyone who is not a City fan of course, he is for me easily one of our best players.

The way Nigel plays is a joy to watch, his commitment every time he steps on the pitch is second to none. I love watching his hard line no nonsense style of play, every time I see him going for a tackle I get excited because I know he is going to try and take the ball off the opposition at all costs.

For me Nigel is the best in his position in the Prem at the moment and I hope he stays with City for many years, he would also be my choice for Captain.
Unfortunately most of the videos of de Jong were centered around him breaking peoples legs, this is the best I could find, saying that this video of his game against Chelsea was one of his best performances for City to date.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Poor excuses, who can replace him?

Tevez has released a statement, a statement that I am not buying into all that much.

First the statement.
"Since signing for Manchester city, I have enjoyed playing for the supporters. They have welcomed me to the club and I regret that it has come to this.

"They deserve success as reward for their passionate and patient support. The club is very fortunate to have supporters like these. Anybody who has watched me play for Manchester City cannot question my commitment and passion for the club whenever I have worn the shirt.

"However, I can confirm I have handed a transfer request to the chairman of Manchester City Football Club. Now I need to clear my head and think because this is an important part of my career. My feelings have not changed and it is regrettable we have reached this situation but It is something I have felt for some time and have spent many hours thinking this through.

"I wanted to leave in the summer, but was convinced to return to the club. Sadly, my feelings have not changed. I hugely resent the management's suggestions that I have been unduly influenced by others. It was my decision and mine alone. I am disappointed that the management should now see fit to try to portray the situation in another light.

"My relationship with certain executives and individuals at the club has broken down and is now beyond repair. I do not wish to expand on this at this stage. They know, because I have told them. I wish to clarify that I have no personal issue with the manager Roberto Mancini.

"I could have signed an improved contract, offered by the club during this season; however this decision is not about money. I have made that clear to both the board and the management on several occasions. The owner has been very generous with what he has offered to me. I would like to thank Sheik Mansour for his understanding and support.

"I want to thank the supporters for making me welcome at Manchester City and hope they agree I have given my all for the club on the pitch."

Right for a start these people that he has fell out with, if it isn't the manager then why should it concern him so much, secondly I would 99% guarantee that the owners would get rid of directors and any one else who is insignificant in the grand scheme of things before they let Tevez walk.

It sounds to me like the best excuse he could come up with, I love Tevez as do we all but he has potentially just ruined our season with his stupid actions.

His statement and the clubs statement totally contradict each other, the club say he wanted a new deal, he says he turned one down, the City circus is well and truly back in town.

I do hope it can be sorted out and Tevez stays but if not who can we bring in to replace him? We will need a top class striker to score the goals he scores and there isn't that many around, especially ones that will be easy to get.

Obviously Real Madrid and Barcelona will probably come knocking and if they do then I would be asking for their star players in return. Ronaldo? Messi? Ibrahimovic will definitely be thrown into the ring by Barca as they know Mancini likes him, saying that Milan have first refusal on him but then maybe that would mean the possibility of taking Pato from Milan.

I honestly think that Real Madrid will be front runners and asking for Ronaldo who I think could be swayed by massive money would be my first option, if that failed I would probably ask for Higuain in a loan swap so we can see if he can do it in the Prem before we commit to a deal, I also think that would be a realistic option.

I think all of our preferred choice would be to keep Carlos, but if not who would you go for?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

City finally announce Gai Assulin signing *videos*

Gai Assulin has finally been announced by the Club as a City player.

He has been at the club for a little while now but City have been monitoring a knee injury and have also been sorting out compensation with Barcelona.

Barcelona had high hopes for Assulin, he was touted as a future world star, something which was acknowledged throughout football not just by his own club.

Currently 19 years old Assulin was given his first pro contract by Barca as a 16 year old with a massive 20 million euro buy out clause in it, which shows you how much he was rated.

After deciding he would not get a proper chance at Barca he decided to leave when his contract expired, leaving City to pay nothing more than a small development fee to Barcelona.

Other clubs were interested in him including Blackburn whom he trained with as well as Arsenal, but City won the race for his signature so lets hope he can fulfill all that speculated potential.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Carlos Rooney has transfer request rejected

This is an absolute joke, this is exactly what Wayne Rooney did to Utd. Tevez's agent's are having a laugh, City won't renegotiate his contract mid season so they have told him to put a transfer request in.

Why they have to go down this route is beyond me, it is obvious that if they waited until the end of the season when the club is not concentrating on winning titles that Carlos would be rewarded with a pay rise considering the way he is playing.

My phone has been going all morning over this and the reaction from most of my pals is that we should tell his agents to get someone to give us fifty million and he can walk. I am angry but I am not sure how to feel about Tevez at the moment, I would like to see him release a statement on the back of this.

Here is the statement from the club which I am very happy with because they have made it as clear as day what the motive is.

It is with disappointment that we confirm to our supporters that Carlos Tevez has submitted a written transfer request. The Club can also confirm that the request has been rejected.
The Club remains disappointed by this situation and particularly with the actions of Carlos' representative.

Roberto Mancini and all at the Club have shown, and will continue to show, sensitivity to Carlos' personal circumstances including the issue of his family being based overseas. Indeed following his suspension as a result of the game against Bolton, Carlos requested, and was given, special dispensation by the Manager to take leave overseas.

The written transfer request is in stark contrast to Carlos' stated position in both public and club contexts. Significantly, over recent months, the Club has also received numerous requests from Carlos’ representative to renegotiate and improve his playing contract as well as more recently a request to extend that contract by another year.

However, in line with the Club's policy of not negotiating playing contracts mid-season this has not been granted. Carlos' current five-year contract has three-and-a-half years to run and he is the highest paid player at the Manchester City Football Club.

This is both an unfortunate and unwelcome distraction and the Club will remain focused on the games ahead in what is turning out to be a very promising season. The door remains open for Carlos to be selected to play.