Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Toure follows Adebayor to City!

City have completed the signing of Kolo Toure from Arsenal, the defender has signed a four deal.

I have to say that I am delighted with this signing, I am a long time fan of Kolo Toure and I am certain he will make a difference to our defence.

I am actually happier with the signing Toure than if we were to sign John Terry, he is cheaper for starters, quicker, better at attacking and I think he can defend just as well as him.

So now City have finally signed a defender maybe just maybe we will stop getting flack about only signing strikers off other teams fans, one less thing for them to have a go at us for I suppose.

Is Toure a good signing?


  1. you just got yourselves a fading star. as a gooner, losing two subtitutes for 40mill (ade ba whore and kolo)is a great deal.

  2. Well I am surprised with that because all the Arsenal fans I know are gutted.

  3. dont be stupid, im a gooner and kolo us no fading star, he played 150% everytime he turned out for us and he'll do the same for your club im sure.. AW has lost the plot.. why the F wld u sell King Kolo..

  4. gluck Toure.. i hope they make u captain at City.. u deserved better