Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Players released, should any of them have been kept?

City have today confirmed who will not get their contract renewed. What I want to know is, should any of the players we have released been kept?

The following players were released, Danny Mills, Daniel Sturridge, Darius Vassell, Glauber Berti, Didi Hamann, Michael Ball, Richard Martin.

There was also some youngsters released, Matthew Brown, Ian Daly, Gregor Hartley, Ben Morris, Curtis Obeng, Chris Ramsey and Angelos Tsiaklis.

So my question is a strange one but was there any reason to keep any of the released players, for example could we have used Ball for when we wanted some dirty work doing or Hamann to slow the play down.

The reason I ask is because I am a little bit disappointed that Vassell has left, I know I am going to get a lot of stick for this but it is just what I think.

Vassell to me has been a fine professional for City and has always gave us his all, now I know that you can't have hangers on at the club but I think Vassell is worth having in your squad. He works hard, he tackles, he is adaptable and when he gets a chance where he doesn't have to think about it for too long he can actually score a couple on the quiet.

I am sure Vassell would come in handy during a campaign and would have liked to see him stay.

As for the youngsters that have been released, I am quite surprised that Curtis Obeng has been released he has always looked a decent player to me.

So is there anyone that you would have kept?


  1. I think I would have kept hammann because he is very experienced player and i think the likes of kompany and de jong could have learnt a lot from him. as for the rest, I couldnt care less

  2. We should have kept Niall Quinn ...

  3. Gary

    Wipe that nostagia from your eyes, i understand what you say about the Vassmeister, but in both parties interests it has to be done, we must raise the bar all round. No dis intended, but i { nor the owner, i think] want to be in the situation where the level on the bench is Darius.

  4. I have no qualms about releasing them really. The times have changed and the squad needs to change too. We are a little bit light at left back, and though we probably need someone better than Bridge, perhaps Ball should've been kept until we had somebody else.

    Darius's days have been numbered for a long while, and I'm sur there'll be a few more to leave before the summer is through.I can think of Caicedo and Benjani, to name but two.

  5. To be honest I'm not massively sad to see any of them leave- sturridge I would have kept if he hadn't demanded the big money, I was glad to see city not be held for random even tho we have v deep pockets.

    I hope we keep imvestin in youth tho as thru swp, Ireland, Richards, ned, hart etc we have done v well!

    Gary- crackin site keep up ur good work.



  6. I would have offered Hamann a coaching role of some kind but it seems he wants to finish his caeer in Germany, his home.

    Good luck to him.

    The rest can go, tatty bye lads.

    My only concern is Gelson Fernandes, i want him out of City pronto.

  7. My last post said random but shud say ransom! Posting via my iPhone is tricky!!!

  8. Thanks Chris.

    I have just seen Vass getting treated like a God after arriving in Turkey so maybe that will be good for him anyway.

  9. I second Gelson Fernandes should go!

    As for Vass, i'm gutted to see him go but there's no room for sentimentality! How the hell was Danny Mills STILL on our wage bill? haha! I'd have paid him off years ago.


  10. Yeah Seen that looks like hes set to be treated like a true hero
    club have told their fans that they promised a big signing a Vassell is the man,
    best of luck to him wish him all the best for the future

  11. Didnt Hamann and Ball refuse to warm up one time when MH wanted the to come on and that was the last we saw of them?
    Wayne ( gold coast)

    I think the new MCFC site is fantastic for us overseas

  12. You certainly don't need any of them apart from Hamann. Benjani should be returned to Pompey where he is wanted. Please, send him back!

  13. Hope we give Vass his due if he ever comes back to play against us.
    Rest i'm not that bothered about.Danny is a hangover from the Keegan era of expensive piss-takers, like McPointanshoutalot and Fowlup.
    Ferno is an honest player too. Not very talented but he put in a good shift so let's give him a cheer if he ever comes back.