Thursday, 30 July 2009

Bojinov goes to Parma on loan!

Valeri Bojinov has joined Serie A side Parma on a season long loan deal.

I am not happy about Hughes letting Boj go and I think he has made a bad decision. I feel Boj was worth having in our squad at the very least and would suggest Hughes has let a quality player leave.

Bojinov's agent has been quoted as saying that City would not let him leave permanently and I hope that is the case. I am hoping the idea will be for him to get an injury free season under his belt and come back, all the same I still would have rather seen him stay.

Should Boj have stayed?


  1. i think boj has the potential to be a city great ,but after his last two seasons needs football,a year long loan spell is just what is needed ,as to keep him knowing he is not 100% fitcould hinder or balance for the year,he will come back a better player ready to give it a good go,GOOD LUCK FOR THE SEASON BOJ
    malaga08 city till i die.

  2. Totally agree. Leaving him festering on the bench at City would do him no good whatsoever. He needs to get games under his belt, get his sharpness back and then next season we'll see. Really intelligent move by Hughes I think.

  3. agree with all thats been said Boj needs a season injury free no doubt he is a talent but if anyone read his last interview with City mag he has said all along he hoped some day to return to Italy.

    I think if he has a
    good season there he may seek to stay lets not forget the premiership and England has been unlucky for him.