Monday, 13 July 2009

Carlos Tevez is 99.9% signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

City have announced that terms with Carlos Tevez have been agreed and the move has also been rubber stamped by Premier League and the Football Association.

After Tevez has had a medical he is expected to sign a five year deal with City.

Mark Hughes said.............

"It is terrific news," "Carlos is an International player of the highest class who possesses all the attributes that will help drive this club forward.

"He is not only outstanding technically but he is a reliable goal scorer and someone who will contribute fully to the team ethic. He gives us another exciting, attacking dimension.

"I cannot wait to welcome him to City. This is yet another deal that shows the commitment of the owner Sheikh Mansour to make this club the very best it can possibly be. I am sure our fans will give Carlos an exceptionally warm welcome."

This signing is bound to get a lot of us excited, Tevez is a player respected throughout football and has unquestionable ability.

Hopefully now that we have a target man in Santa Cruz Tevez will benefit from the way we play no end, things are starting to get exciting especially with a deal for Adebayor being talked about.

Are you happy with the signing of Tevez?


  1. No, hes red and always will be. He is over-rated and scores nowhere near enough goals to justify this price tag. I think Mark Hughes will be in charge for one more season and then he will be replaced. No top 4 for us this season.

  2. great news thank you

  3. wtf!!city suckssssssssssss.......

  4. u mug! tevez is class world class great technique technical ability and work ethic grafts like fuck he's no rag he's the sheikhs bitch now and that'll do for me the futures bright the future's blue

  5. He is a red and always will be deary me, I think you have the wrong attitude there. He is now a blue and will now always be a blue, once a blue always a blue!

  6. trader you must be a bitter red ! get a life you mug !!!

  7. It`s Perfect for City.. City can be the best club with him!

  8. A great player wonderful technique and work rate, probably won't score many goals but his technical abillity will provide good attacking opportunites. please mark hughes, buy a centre back, please?


  9. "He is red and always will be...." - sounds like a redneck who is crying over his spilt milk. Watch this team soar now! The Un*t*d empire is disolving - how refreshing.

  10. trader.... (cunt)
    maybe we should have gone for owen on a free ah!

  11. Petrol's gone up a penny at my local filling station ... that should pay the Tevez transfer - and probably Adebayor!!!


  12. Welcome Carlos to the blue revolution, and trader???? schmichael, Terry cooke, Andy cole, Law, shall I go on, have all been rags but a soon as they put the blue shirt from gods own club on they are blue through and through


  13. Tevez never was a red he's was only ever on loan, now he belongs to City

    Your red Shirt's off, your blue shirt's on Tevez, Tevez,
    Fergie's called you said F**k Off Tevez, Tevez
    Finally you saw the light and left the F*****g M****h Sh**e
    Carlos Tevez never was a red.

  14. calm down chaps if Carlito the blue is good enough to play for Argentina (over 50 caps) then im sure we can squeeze him in somewere. i think he will be brilliant playing just behind RSC and Robbie on the left-give him a chance guys im sure this is gonna be one hell of a season for us.

  15. He used to be a dirty red Tevez Tevez,But now he is a Blue instead Tevez Tevez,Hes probley shagged a load of birds hes made us change the fucking words! Carlos Tevez City till hes dead!!!! NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA..........!!!

  16. Great news if the cente backs who come are of this quality the top 4 will be a doddle!

  17. What I like about all this is the strategy appears to be nick a top player off all the teams that finished above us, which is clever n perfectly fine by me...
    Tevez - Rags
    Adebayor - Arse
    Terry - Chelski
    Barry - Villa n Scousers (technicially).
    Lescott - Everton
    (Oh shit, I forgot Fulham! Hangleland's good))
    Tevez is quality n also holds the ball up n wins it back, which is crucial.

    It's our time now!!!

  18. For those who think Im not a City fan, youre very wrong. If you all honestly believe that the strategy of just buying every decent player that comes available will work, then youre all worse muppets than Mark Hughes. We have a team of strikers and now were interested in Adebayor. We need more midfield quality. Our midfield as it is wont be able to compete with Arsenals, Liverpool or Chelseas. Were spending for spending sake. Ill be back at the end of the season so you can all tell me how right I was. We WILL be successful but it wont be under that red, Mark Hughes.

  19. I've just let some wee out!!!! This is the most important piece if business we will ever complete. Welcome Carlos you won't regret it

  20. Trader to be fair Carlos Tevez is better than a decent player, he makes things happen up top and should be a perfect foil for Robinho.

    His work rate from the front will mean that our creative players will have more time doing what they do best, I can definitely see why we have bought Tevez.

  21. Trader,
    Muppets? Why all the doom n gloom, fella?
    Things are lookin' good for the first time in 33 years! I understand some blues don't like the red connection, but why piss on the chips when we've a genuine shout to win somat now?
    Hughes is under pressure to deliver. Let's enjoy it n wait n see.
    And for God's sake cheer up!

  22. By saying "hes a red" was a bit silly.
    He snubbed United off.
    Would you say Ronaldo is a red and always will.... ha no. he came, he played, he snubbed them too!
    Tevez will play, and he will do well for us.

    I just hope he does the reverse to united what he did to us when we played.
    Good Times! Enjoy!

  23. Remember City fans in the face of the rags crap let's act like winners now and let the bitter red prawn munchers suffer their own torment.

    That aside, what an amazing transfer. We have probably one of the hardest working strikers in the world who has guile, passion and bags full of talent.

    A great signing for us and will his presence alongside obinho, RSC, Stevie, Petrov, SWP, and Barry will give us a very strong front line. With Zab, VK (after surgery) and Nigel, Micah, Bridge and Nedum protecting the back with hopefully two new additions then we're on the way up lads we're on the way up.

    Secretly I hope Dunnie puts his head back on and finds that missing yard or two and proves us all wrong since after last season I think he really struggled with the new mantle put upon him.

    Good times ahead!

    PWord (Patience) and "We're moving on up!"