Saturday, 25 July 2009

No Elephant tusks for City!

City lost the Vodacom Final to Kaizer Chiefs one nil this afternoon.

Although we lost today we didn't play that badly, we kept the ball well and moved it around well. Obviously we could have been a little better and won the game, Kaizer Chiefs play at a fast and erratic pace so maybe we should have used our quality to counter the way they play.

There were some good and bad individual performances also today. I thought that SWP and Petrov were terrible, SWP seemed to think he could run at people and magically go past them and it did not work. The other player who was even worse was Petrov, he was giving the ball away, slowing down attacks and when he made a pass that got to another City player he kept leathering it at them, I can not see him coming close to pushing Robinho out while he is in this kind of form.

To move on to the good performers, Bridge seems to have come on quite a lot and I was quite pleased with him today. There was one stand out performance for City though and that was Gareth Barry, he did everything perfect today and never seems panicked by any situation, he could easily be Hughes's best buy since arriving at City.

Again I will say that we shouldn't read to much into this tournament and the results from it, but we should be a lot fitter after it and in the rest of the preseason games I would expect to see improvement.


  1. Spot on, i think TBH was also quite good and Onouha was solid! Bellamy was lost i think but it'll take time before players gel so i wouldnt worry about that too much.


  2. To be fair TBH did play quite well considering he was rubbish last season, fair point.

  3. So it's all going swimmingly is it?
    That defeat already marks the end of City's international club competition for the season to come!
    Oh, sorry... forgot the friendly at Barcelona.
    Excitement reigns at the arab club.

  4. Barry demonstrated all the skills he will bring to the team this season and was excellent. That's about it from that game...

  5. We all see a different game,i thought barry and bridge were great but besides the miss i thought adebayor was great he worked harder than i imagined.agree about swp got to keep him on the wing and show him videos of himself from 5 years ago.Bellamy blew his chance he was awful.Cant make my mind up against weiss looks decent but sometimes just the simple pass will do,showed today how much we need ireland or an interested elano

  6. weiss did good as well.

  7. they truly sucked donkey balls