Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Message for my readers!

Just a little message to say that I may not be able to report on any breaking stories straight away over the next couple of days.

My Puerto Rican friend is flying all the way over so I will be busy showing him around Manchester and obviously our first stop is Eastlands.

I will catch up with any news to gather thoughts as usual but if I am not around feel free to fill my comments up and talk about any breaking news amongst yourselves. I can also suggest going to Bitter and Blue for any news that I haven't been able to post, it is a great blog.

I will do my best to get the news up for you guys, thanks as always.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Mr Cook looked dejected!

On my way out of the site preview tonight I saw Garry Cook getting into his Mercedes, he did not look a happy man.

His body language could be forgiven because it is a hot day, he had his suit jacket in his arm, no tie on and his shirt was undone at the top, his face however painted a different picture.

We were probably all hoping that he is in Spain doing his best to convince Eto'o to sign, instead he is finishing work at 7:30 after what looked like a hard day. Maybe I am wrong but he looked like a beaten man and the person I was with also agreed. It seems he has probably had a hard day negotiating but from Manchester and not Spain.

I have to say though for him to look dejected must mean he is really working hard for City so that he can bring the right players into the Club, I hope his determination pays off for us.

New official City website is awesome!

I have just got back from the preview of the new official website and I have to say they have done a tremendous job.

I was debating whether to go into detail about the new site or just give you a general idea, I have decided just to give a really brief insight into the features. If I tell you too much I think it would ruin your experience of what is a great site.

City have basically covered everything that the readers of my blog were most concerned about, they have added an academy section which will help us to watch the development of players, you can now look at player stats in depth, the online shop has been improved, MCFCTV has been scrapped and a large selection of video content will be a available on the site free to everyone, there is a live score centre on match days that can be scrolled back to the beginning in case you miss kick off and City have even thought of a good way to bring blogs like my own and the official site together without it being messy.

To be honest City have pulled out all the stops here and have covered pretty much everything that my readers wanted, on top of that there was many many more great features, it is hard to remember them all! The site launches on the 1st of July so make sure you get on and have a look, I will find it unbelievable if you find any kind of problem with it. We will certainly be the best in England when it comes to our website.

All the people involved in the making of the website should take a bow, you have done a fantastic job!

It was also nice to see City really appreciate the fans by inviting me and others alike along to such an event, this kind of relationship with the fans is more than helpful. I really appreciated being taken into account when they were thinking about one of the clubs decisions. It was a good night and a good experience and I also think the people at City who organised it should get alot of credit.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

City could sign Eto'o!

Barcelona have announced that Samuel Eto'o has a huge offer from City and it seems they might be ready to sell him.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta said...........

"Eto'o has a stratospheric offer from City, which would convert him into the best paid player in the world,"

"It's starting to become clear that he has this monster offer. He wants to stay but an offer like this is very difficult to refuse.

"If Eto'o accepts this stratospheric offer we will have to bring in someone."

All I can say is that if we sign Eto'o then I could well faint, he would surely be an amazing signing.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Marc-Vivien Foé will never be forgotten by City fans!

Today is the anniversary of Foé's death, we should all take time to remember him. He only played for City for one season but in that season he made a major impact. Foé was on the verge of signing a permanent contract at City but sadly passed away, I am sure he would have been one of the best midfielders we could have seen in a City top in modern times.

Rest in peace Marc-Vivien Foé (1 May 1975 - 26 June 2003) we will never forget you!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

City to launch new official website!

City will soon be launching a new web site as part of the development of the club as a whole.

The new site is being launched -'To match our ambition on the field we needed a new digital platform to communicate with our fans, old and new, local and international. '

I have always liked the current site, it has always been easy to use and informative. I can imagine the new site will be even better as the club continue to progress in all areas.

I have received an invitation to the new site launch and have more than gladly accepted to go. I will get a preview of the site and will also be one of the first to use the new site, I will of course do an article about the new site after I have seen it.

In the email it said that they will want feedback on what the new site is like, so is there anything that you think the current official website needs to have?

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hart goes on loan to Birmingham!

Joe Hart has completed his season long loan move to Birmingham, the City keeper will be pleased to get first team action in the build up to the World Cup.

Not surprising at all especially after we signed Taylor, it is going to be interesting to watch Hart's performances from a far.

I hope his loan goes well and that he makes the World Cup squad, he might then get the bit between his teeth and come back to City and really provide a challenge for Shay.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Taylor signs for City!

City have this afternoon confirmed the capture of Aston Villa goalkeeper Stuart Taylor.

Taylor's arrival is expected to pave the way for Joe Hart to leave the club on loan, the transfer might be a surprise to some people but has been on the cards for a couple of weeks.

Taylor is a decent keeper and will be a good back up for Shay Given throughout the season, it makes you wonder what is going to happen with Kasper Schmeichel, if he is staying you would have thought it is time he at least gets trusted as our reserve keeper.

The length of Taylor's contract is one year according to our official site, although sky sports are reporting a four year deal. He arrives at City as a free agent.

The signings continue, I am hoping to see some news on Tevez and Eto'o next!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Santa Cruz finally signs for City!

Roque Santa Cruz has finally completed his move from Blackburn Rovers to City! The former Bayern Munich striker has signed a four year contract.

Am I excited that he has signed, no and I am also not disappointed. The feeling I currently have about him signing is one of not knowing and anticipation to see what will happen in relation to how he does for City, I will just have to wait and see.

Roque has told mcfc.co.uk....................

"I'm very happy to have signed for City - it's been close to happening for a while, and now I can just focus on football and concentrate on doing my best for the club.

"I know the kind of football Mark Hughes wants to play and the kind of character he is - he's a winner, he wants to make things happen and be successful. Those are always my thoughts as well, so knowing what he wants was a big factor in coming here, because I know the club is going in the right direction.

"I know his staff and the kind of training they will have the team doing, so everything was very attractive for me.

"The owners want the club to be more successful - they want to break into the top four, and the fact that the fans are so passionate about everything to do with City was also a factor. I am very motivated to play for these fans.

"I spoke to the Chairman and I know his ambitions are known to everybody at the club - he made sure that I know as well. It was a good conversation. He wants the best for the club and to give something back to the fans."

Hughes said..............

"His ability in the air and his physical presence are qualities we've been missing, but he also has technical ability and good pace for a big man. He's a very good player and one I know well from our time at Blackburn."

So he is finally signed what are your feelings?

Santa Cruz having medical!

Roque Santa Cruz is currently under going a medical ahead of his proposed move to City.

Santa Cruz is set to face what will probably be the most rigorous medical examination of his life, City are said to not be taking any chances and want to make sure that the injury prone player is over his injury problems.

I have to admit I will not be all that bothered if Santa Cruz fails his medical, there are plenty of players out there that are as good as him and probably for cheaper too. At the same time I have a little feeling that Santa Cruz could be good for City, I have been studying videos of him to try and decide if I like him or not and to be honest I am still not sure. I did however find a new appreciation for his ability, he is probably better than I have been giving him credit for.

Santa Cruz should be a City player by the end of today or early tomorrow, so watch this space!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Tevez rejects United, is he on his way to City? *video*

Today it has been confirmed that Carlos Tevez will not be a United player next season, so is he on his way to City?

It is almost nailed on that Tevez will now be a City player although Chelsea are said to be in the hunt. I think Tevez would be a decent signing but I also think he is another example of a totally over priced player, if Chelsea were to win the race I wouldn't be heartbroken.

I do however think that City will be his most likely destination, I also think that Kia Joorabchian the man that owns him will be pushing him toward City regardless of what he says. City have built quite a close relationship with Joorabchian, he has been involved in a number of our deals in recent times.

So are we getting excited about the possibility of signing Tevez?

Here is a video of what we may get if Tevez were to sign and if we don't sign him then here is a video of what United have lost!

P.S. Sorry I was late with this story but I have been to the Zoo lol

Friday, 19 June 2009

Do City fans want Santa Cruz? *video*

It is being reported that we have agreed a fee with Blackburn Rovers for Paraguayan centre forward Roque Santa Cruz.

I have to say I am not that excited about the possibility of this signing, he is a decent player and I am not writing him off because he might be successful were he to sign, but at the price quoted '18 million' there is better players out there.

You would think that at 6 ft 2+12 and along with the fact that he is very good at holding the ball up he would be perfect for us, we were crying out for a striker in that mould last season but I have just never been won over by Santa Cruz. I am probably being harsh on him but I just don't think he is a top class player, what I definitely do know is that his price tag is way to much.

I have heard lots of City fans say they want him and lots say they wouldn't want him so what I want to know is, would Santa Cruz be a welcome addition to our team?

In case you haven't seen a lot of him or if you want to refresh your memory before deciding if you would want him I have added this video of him. P.S. look away around 1:24!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Our Chairman seems to know the score!

I have been asked to do an article on what our Chairman has had to say on several subjects lately and I am more than happy to do so.

Now we know that people in his position will say things to please certain people, but in Khaldoon Al Mubarak's case he seems to try his best to elaborate on the things he says, as if to prove he means what he says.

He has had a lot to say lately so I am going to do my best to go through some of those things.

On the signing of Robinho our Chairman says.........

“That was a key signing for many reasons,” said Mr Al Mubarak. “First, Sheikh Mansour comes in, he’s the new owner, but for the fans his intentions may not have been clear. People don’t know whether it’s going to remain a mid-table club, is it going to drift to the bottom or are we going to compete for the Premier League? The other question for people was that even with considerable financial commitment, can Manchester City attract a top-tier player?

“It was a statement of intent from Sheikh Mansour; he bought the club and bought in a top-notch player that Chelsea were on the verge of signing.”

He added: “It was crazy, put it that way. He was not metres away – I would say inches away from signing for Chelsea and that arrangement with Robinho was a huge coup for us.”

In the same piece he goes on to talking about our owner.......

“Sheikh Mansour is someone that you would definitely classify as competitive and a winner,” he said.

“We are not in this to just make up numbers. We are here to win and build a club that is going to compete and be in a position to win trophies. There’s no question of that and what we do this summer will set the tone of that very clearly.”

Now from this piece it is clear that the Chairman says all the right things and his assured way of putting things fills you with confidence. The question is, is he just talking the talk and the answer is no, things he has said have been backed up by actions and I believe that anything he says will continue to be acted on.

The main theme of this article was to display our ambition, he talks about the Robinho signing and makes sure he mentions that we took him off Chelsea, he also says we will not just make up the numbers and that this summer that will be reiterated.

There is no doubt about the ambition of these people and I have to say I like our Chairman's confidence. Only time will tell if we reach the highest level with these men in charge.

On the topic of buying players our Chairman says...........

“There are two things going on.’’ “One, a general view of Arab investors and two, a whole hierarchy within football where there is a group of clubs that fall within the hierarchy and the clubs that fall outside don’t have a seat at the table and shouldn't even demand one.

“I’m frustrated with people assuming we are going to throw crazy money at deals, that we won’t understand true values and we can’t negotiate or get value for a player. We’ve had numbers thrown at us that are a joke.

“There are situations where a £10 million player will be offered to us for a ‘City price’ of £20 million.

“We just leave because at that point there’s no point arguing – if people are throwing crazy numbers at us, fine, deals won’t be done.”

Perceptions of Man City as a club run by extravagant Arabs were wide of the mark, he insisted.

“Look at Sheikh Mansour; he’s a very shrewd businessman who has conducted himself in a professional way. I will defend the value of every deal we have done.

“Look at our Robinho deal. If he went in this transfer window for the same price [£32.5m] it would be a steal. Our deals to date presented fair value to the clubs we brought them from, fair value to us and are typical of the type of deals we are looking to make.”

“When we looked at Kaká, the numbers being thrown around were crazy, suddenly in the news you see ‘City are crazy’ and ‘City are irresponsible’.

“Why is it when Real Madrid not only talks about but actually closes two deals, like the ones they’ve closed with the numbers they’ve committed to, it’s fine?”

I don't want to get into this subject to much because I could be here all night ranting, but what he said about it being ok to spend big money as long as your not Man City is all spot on. It is ridiculous that because of who you are, you can be treated so differently. Now the argument could be that it was because our money is coming from one man, but in Real Madrid's case it has all come from a bank so what the difference is I do not know. I suppose that we should just hope that one day we will reach a level where we will be 'respected' as much as Real Madrid.

Going on to what he said about being offered players at double their value, well that was always going happen and has to be expected, I am glad however to hear we are standing firm and not being held to ransom.

Another interview by our Chairman that is impressive, that's 2 out of 2 so far.

On building a brand our Chairman says.................

“You have to look at Asia and Africa. These are markets which are growing and where there is a tremendous football base,” he said.

“These are markets where if you position yourself well enough, you have an opportunity to really capture.

“In Europe there is a traditional football market. But you go to Asia and Africa and you have a good opportunity to build on your base and [their] huge populations. “They don’t have leagues of the quality of the English Premier League and that is an advantage if you come in with a club built on the right foundation, with the right players and the right appeal.

“I am very confident that over the next two seasons we will be very big in the Middle East.“First of all the English league is already very popular. Our association with the club is very well known and that will grow as we develop the club. “I think Middle East supporters like to associate with us and knowing this is a club owned by Sheikh Mansour and you see Etihad on our shirt and the new website we are developing. “As you start seeing us winning, you will see a very fast growth.”

“I think that, no question, signature signings has a huge appeal here. “Football is so popular in this region. One attraction is clubs and the other is players. You have to build the brand as a club, and attract these players that fit your needs as a club but also give you that tremendous fan base. That’s a win-win for everyone.“Everybody has an opinion, but there are particular positions that if you are looking for an A-class player, your options are not that big.
“That’s what makes us see those huge [transfer] numbers. If you are looking for impact player, the reality of the situation is quite thin. How will United fill the void of Ronaldo?”

Yet again in this article he says everything that you would like to hear, but it sounds more convincing than some could make it seem.

To be honest without sounding spoilt we don't need to build a world brand because of all the money we have, but then again you get the feeling they want to have that relationship with people around the world and obviously their own people.

I also think that what they could achieve by connecting City with the rest of the world and particularly their own country could really help the relationships between people outside of football matters. For example without getting deep, people who may feel like a minority within our community may feel more comfortable coming to games or may decide that City is a place where they will start to watch games, the link up with all those different countries will show them that they are welcome at City. That is just a little example of what a global brand could help to generate, because one thing is for sure it isn't because we need the money!

I have to say all the things that the Chairman has had to say are impressive and it sounds like he will help to make it all come true as well, lets hope he does!

Thanks to City gal for asking for my opinion on the subject of what our Chairman had to say, I did my best I hope it is what you were looking for.

Also guys I do encourage my readers to express any topics they would be interested in talking about, as soon as I have time I would be happy to have a go at writing about what you ask for, thanks.

Did we get a good set of fixtures?

The dust has settled since the fixtures were released at 10 o'clock this morning and after studying them I am trying to figure out if we got a favourable set of fixtures.

I think we have a good start, the first four fixtures against Blackburn, Everton, Wolves and Portsmouth all seem winnable to me. I think Everton will be the toughest game but I am hoping we will be stronger than them this season.

There is a couple of hard double headers for us in the fixtures, we have Liverpool followed by Chelsea in February and then Man Utd followed by Arsenal in April, all winnable of course but all very tough to win. The stand out month in the fixtures for me though is September, we only have three games and two of them are against Man Utd and Arsenal, I think it is the hardest month to take the majority of the points on offer.

Apart from September I don't see a month of fixtures where we will hit a real hard patch, the fixtures seem to be very varied, the weak, average and strong teams all mixed in together.

A good amount of points in each month are well and truly there for the taking, we just need our away form to get better and I can see us having at the very least a comfortable season.

What do you think about our fixtures?

Next seasons fixtures!

The fixture list for next season have just been released, they are as follows.


15 Blackburn (A)
19 Everton (H)
22 Wolverhampton (H)
29 Portsmouth (A)


12 Arsenal (H)
19 Man Utd (A)
26 West Ham (H)


3 Aston Villa (A)
17 Wigan (A)
24 Fulham (H)
31 Birmingham (A)


7 Burnley (H)
21 Liverpool (A)
28 Hull (H)


5 Chelsea (H)
12 Bolton (A)
15 Tottenham (A)
19 Sunderland (H)
26 Stoke (H)
28 Wolverhampton (A)

January 2010

9 Blackburn (H)
16 Everton (A)
26 Stoke (A)
30 Portsmouth (H)


6 Hull (A)
10 Bolton (H)
20 Liverpool (H)
27 Chelsea (A)


6 Tottenham (H)
13 Sunderland (A)
20 Fulham (A)
27 Wigan (H)


3 Burnley (A)
10 Birmingham (H)
17 Man Utd (H)
24 Arsenal (A)


1 Aston Villa (H)
9 West Ham (A)

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Gareth Barry press conference! *Video*

Ronaldo deal could scupper Tevez move!

It is being widely suggested that Ronaldo's proposed move to Real Madrid could mean that United will splash some cash to secure Carlos Tevez.

A deal to bring Tevez to City is virtually done, the only thing we are waiting for is Tevez to 100% make his mind up. However the news that Ronaldo is off to Madrid could throw a spanner in the works, it is possible that Ferguson could now afford his fee and he may now also be able to offer him a lot more playing time.

Hopefully and more than likely the Glazer's will be eyeing up most of the Ronaldo fee so that they can pay off some of their debt, meaning that United won't get in the way of our Tevez deal or any other players that we may have an eye on.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Tevez deal close?

Reports on the radio station Talksport suggest that Carlos Tevez will become a Manchester City player, with the deal expected to be completed sometime next week.

Now we have been hearing rumours for a long time and Talksport in particular is not a radio station that I would take as gospel, however I contacted someone I know who works at City, I was told that it is true and Carlos Tevez should be a City player by next week if all goes well!

I think if the transfer does go through as planned then a lot of City fans will be happy, I certainly think it will be a good signing. I do hope that Tevez was a target all along though and not just one because he became available, but with me having faith in Hughes's buys I would suggest that he was a target all along.

Are City fans happy about the possible arrival of Carlos Tevez?

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Please don't look like the England kit! *Pictures*

Following the confirmation of our new kit deal with Umbro, I had worried about the design of the kits particularly what fabric they would use.

It was confirmed that City will be the only club to have our kits made from the same fabric as the current England shirt, the England shirt is terrible up close and the fabric is not what a football shirt should be made from.

Having just seen these pictures (below) of parts of our new shirts up close I am not ecstatic to say the least, I really do not like the fabric. I suppose the saving grace is that our kit will have a sponsor on it filling up the middle and will divert the eye, obviously England's is blank in the middle.

Don't get me wrong it's not a fashion parade and I am a big believer in that, but you do still want your kits to look half decent, especially considering the amount of ugly ones that are knocking about.

Have a look at these and tell me what you think.

Click to enlarge.......................

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Umbro deal finally announced! *Pictures of new kits*

We all knew it was coming but today City have finally confirmed that Umbro will be our new kit makers.

From MCFC.CO.UK.................

Umbro and Manchester City Football Club today announce a unique ten-year brand partnership.

July 18Th will mark the on-sale date of City’s home kit for the 2009/10 season. Inspired by the club’s heritage, the new kit will benefit from Umbro’s football tailoring process, delivering performance and style on and off the pitch.

The home kit combines design elements from the past with new technology, refined detailing and a tailored aesthetic. Each seam on the crew-neck shirt has been carefully considered and selected for a specific function and the crest has been extensively re-mastered to bring a new level of detail to the club’s identity.

The away kit is a nod to Manchester’s symbol of industry and coat of arms – the Apis Millifera – more commonly known as ‘the bee’. The shirt is black with yellow and gold inserts on the shoulders used to define and accentuate the upper torso.

The third kit draws its inspiration on a classic kit of the past, whilst embracing craft and attention to detail to create a very modern twist. The shirt has a black and red sash across a white base with the team sponsor located under the crest to ensure that the visual identity of the sash is not compromised. Umbro worked closely with MCFC and Etihad to ensure the design authenticity stays true.

Every part of the design process has been considered to create three new kits that flawlessly marry performance and style.

Martin Prothero, Umbro’s Senior Vice President of Football said, “This is an exciting opportunity for both Umbro and Manchester City FC to build on their collective heritage and create truly iconic modern football brands. MCFC were the first beneficiaries of our tailoring heritage in 1934, the same year they won The FA Cup wearing Umbro kits. MCFC will be the first club side to benefit from our tailoring process for the 2009/10 season which means the best sportswear products for players and fans alike.”

Garry Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Manchester City commented, “We are thrilled to announce this key partnership. We are building a successful and sustainable football club for the future and our partners are integral to that. Umbro share our commitment to innovation, the city of Manchester and creating world-class experiences for its customers and our fans.”

David Pullan, Brand and Marketing Officer from Manchester City said, “This partnership will help both MCFC and Umbro to cement their places at the very heart of the city of Manchester and to continue to grow in prominence across the globe. The Club is delighted to work with such a progressive and innovative brand and looks forward to further developing our partnership over the coming decade.”

Umbro also announced today that working in partnership with Manchester City FC and other local organisations, the company is committed to investing over £100,000 in Manchester culture over the next three years to support and inspire creativity across the city.

The Manchester City FC home kit will be on general sale from July 18Th. Pre orders available from July 1st at www.mcfc.co.uk.

The away kit will be available from August, while the third strip will be available from October.

If you read the description of the kits from the article then it seems that these are the new shirts, or very close at least. There is a slight question mark on which way the sash will go on the white shirt, it used to come from the left shoulder not from the right.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Gareth Barry is a City player!!!!

City have now confirmed via the official website that Gareth Barry will be a Manchester City player next season.

City have paid £12 million for the England International and have given him a 5 year contract.

This signing will be seen as a real sign of our intent, we have signed one of the most highly rated midfielders in the country and have done it in a very shrewd style.

I am glad that we are showing people we mean business, if we don't take this kind of stance all the time we will become a joke.

I am quite excited about this signing now it has happened, I think it is because I was expecting a little uncertainty when it came to signing players. I thought maybe we would be a last resort for a lot of bigger players who would use us for a pay day if they didn't get their big move elsewhere, but it seems that Hughes is doing something right behind the scenes.

Are we happy? I am!

Barry signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Details coming up!

Barry having medical at City!

Gareth Barry is set to undergo a medical ahead of a transfer to City!!!!!!!!!!!!

The signing of Gareth Barry is becoming ever closer, he is going to be having a medical today with City wanting him signed by tonight!

More to follow as the details come in.........

Former Blackburn player Tugay to coach at City!

Former Blackburn player Tugay Kerimoğlu is claiming he has agreed a deal to coach at City.

Tugay told the media in Turkey......

"I made an agreement with Manchester City and will work as a coach,"
"To work there will be a huge step for me. When I feel strong enough, then I will begin to work as a technical director."

Tugay has been a good professional over the years and may be a good addition to make to the coaching staff. He has always been a classy player who can also dish it out, two things you want your team to have. Mark Hughes obviously knows him from his Blackburn days and must think he has something to offer in a coaching role.

City in Barry talks, do we want him?

Aston Villa have today confirmed that England International Gareth Barry is having talks with City about a possible move Eastlands.

I am not surprised that we or any team for that matter would try and sign Gareth Barry but for him to go as far as talking to us is a little baffling to me. Barry plays in a wonderful team at the moment with a great manager and they will be in Europe next season, so why would coming to City interest him?

There is really only a few reasons he would want to join us, he can see our potential, he thinks he will get to play along side great players or he is being offered huge money. Obviously most people will say it is for money and that could be the case, saying that I am not sure if Barry himself would leave his beloved Villa for a bit of extra cash. I don't care how much we pay him if he signs as long as he is winning football matches for us.

Now for the flip side will City fans be happy if we were to sign Barry? There isn't any doubts about his ability he is a good footballer and as for when he plays for England I am a huge fan and he would make my first eleven every time. I am just not sure if I like his style of play, that would be being picky though he is a damn good player and I say a good signing if it were to go through.

What do you think?