Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Nedum Signs new deal!

Nedum Onuoha has signed a new five year contract, this is another example of academy players not being pushed aside for big signings.

This is great news as far as I am concerned especially with rumoured interest from Everton.

Nedum is a good player and I am a huge fan of his, he has come on a lot in recent times and I have no doubt in my mind that if he continues to improve then he will be a full England International for many years to come.

Hughes has done well to recognise that he needs to concentrate on the talent he already has considering all the big money players he has had to work on bringing in.


  1. This is better news than Toure. Superb.

  2. Excellent News all round. Lescott will complete an excellent squad for next season (unless Ribery wants to come).

  3. Love it !!
    Was worried today Liverpool fan in my ear all afternoon with he will be used as bait for Lesscott
    I think me is a great player and hugh talent for the future
    Thanks for not doing a Danny Sturidge on us Ned

  4. Oh if anyone sees Tel Haim tell him Taxi is on me anywhere he wants go flights included one way only though