Sunday, 26 July 2009

Terry stays at Chelsea, so what now?

John Terry has committed to Chelsea today, the Chelsea Captain has said he never intended to leave Stamford Bridge.

I have to say I am not to bothered about not getting Terry, he is obviously a damn good player but at the price quoted he was way over priced, I thought the best thing that could have come from signing Terry was that we would have muscled Chelsea.

Terry says he was never going to leave but I think we all know that is rubbish, he was obviously thinking about it otherwise he would have made a statement a while ago.

So now that Terry has ruled himself out who would you like to see City go for next? Lescott has been linked and I know a lot of City fans would have him but for me apart from the goals he scores he is no better a defender than Dunney.

I would like to see us go for Juan from Roma, he is a strong defender who can also play the ball out.

Who would you like?


  1. Manshester Citi is so good, lets hope we gett intu the top 4. Sign Terrey, bid more milions fore him!

  2. To admin:

    You are way to selective who you allow to comment this thread. I posted a real post but it got deleted.

    Why do you ask "who do you like?", but if we dont answer on accord to what you belive and want some players you dont want, you just delete the post?

    Go City.

  3. Eddy you are clearly not a City fan and thats why your ridiculous posts are being deleted.

    If I have to I will block you form my blog, if you want to come out and say who you really support and have a proper opinion then go ahead.

  4. Anon I am extremely sorry if I have deleted a genuine post in the process of deleting Eddy's silly ones, please do re post.

  5. I like Adebayor, hes so cute.
    Although he only singed for the money, i think he will find the net a few times for us..

    Lescot aint that bad either, but i would buy Nesta from milan. Hes a bit old, but hes smokin, and perhaps we can get him cheap? 30 million bucks!

    Would love to see him in our sexy blue shirt.

  6. Ok, ill come clean.

    Im Eddy the Hunk from Eastern Sibir, and i used to support my local team Burning Crocodiles. But they were relegated last season, so decided to look for a new team.

    My family just bought a satelite dish, so i can now watch the premier league teams on my tv.

    And i noticed Man City is up and comming, and they are the team to follow if you want to win trophies in the future since they now have the power to buy anyone they want (almost, and not Terry it seems).

    So im a new fan, and i dont know the team so good, but i hope Tal Ben-Haim will do good, cause he is very good at defending in the box.

  7. chelsea fan here, but think you need to buy some defenders and quickly whilst offering some of the 8 strikers you still have. as for terry being overpriced you guys will have to spend a lot to get the clubs these players to leave as clubs dont want to sell them. Sadly the strikers you have bought this season did not have good seasons last season, and you have paid over the top for them. That said tevez would have done given the chance to play. I hope you guys make the top 4 this season as without it I can see robinho demanding to leave and your strategy beginning to unwind.

  8. Adebayor scored 16 in 30 starts last season, not too shabby. Thanks for wishing us well as far as top 4 goes.

  9. It does not seem like Mark Hughes knows what he is doing. Why the heck buy a strikeforce so large it would be enough to supply four teams?

    Robinho is overrated aswell; He is small, almost everyone can dominate him in the air. He is not very fast, so all hes got going for him is his footwork.

    As Anon said above, if city dont do well in the upcomming season things will start to fall apart, or unwind as he said to nice in the post over.

    I belive this project is bound to fail, although i would love to see city trumph liverpool in the table, i doubt it will ever happen.

  10. You do know we only have 6 strikers at the moment don't you. And Mark Hughes looks to know what he is doing his signings have been good ones for me.

  11. I think we should get one more striker for coverage, if 4 get injured and some get suspended we need to have backup.

    After we have done that, we can focus on defence.

  12. thank god no more terry bullshitfor the next month as for who we should get deffo lescot can play all along the back four i also like the lad from fulham big and strong wot we need

  13. Errr, of course terry was never going to leave. Obviously there was a reason behind his silence, maybe to get a bigger wage at chelsea, but after stating so many times in the past, he wasn't going to leave chelsea. He is a chelsea player through and through. And even so, if he was going to leave chelsea for any club, why would it be city? Anyway, if you didn't want terry bcause he is overpriced then lescott is a mistake, if its true he won't be sold for less than 30mil.

  14. Randomly i am a big west ham fan, bein one i absolutly cant stand chelsea so was upset to see u had failed 2 sign him but im sure wif th rightr mony an corect targets u can break in2 th top 4 this season!! all i ask is that you plz dont tak upson it wil b an embarasment if he leavs aftr th way we grovld 2 him this summer as wel as alredi statd potentiasl (cheaper) targets wuld be juan an maxwel i knw wat u wil b finkin thes r big clubs so thy cnt b cheap but believ me the y wil defo b cheapr thn lescot evn if thy not as gud!!!

    up th hammers!!

    an myb city..

    ps plz donate 2 th West Ham United Pathetically Small Transfer Kity Fund!!!

    i reli am hopin 4 sucess 4 th REAL team of manchestr aan its BLUE!

  15. Some west ham fan you are, singing praises of city. If a real west ham fan saw that I doubt they would even want you supporting their team. I guess its city's money that has got you on side.

  16. Maybe he is just a passionate football fan not afraid to say what he thinks, everyone else has chose to hate City for no good reason. He obviously has his own mind, fair play.