Thursday, 30 July 2009

Farewell Elano!

We seen it coming and now it has happened, Brazilian International Elano has left City and signed a four year deal with Galatasaray.

Even though Elano leaving was on the cards now that it has happened I feel a bit gutted, Elano arrived at City and immediately treated us to some wonderful football.

I think I was hoping that he would stay and prove his worth to Hughes, although I think it was probably for non football reasons that Hughes decided to move him on.

I do wish he had stayed but whats done is done, thank you Elano for treating us City fans to some wonderful displays of football whilst playing in our shirt.

Goodbye Elano!


  1. Loved watching him play,wish him all the best for his new club

  2. Sorry to be contrary but I am glad to see the back of him. He looked great for about two months when he arrived but for me then barely put in a decent performance for over a year. The odd flash of brilliance but rarely able to take a game by the scruff of the neck. As for his off the field troubles, well anyone who publicly criticises his manager deserves to be moved on in my opinion. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Hughes, you just cannot have someone who is prepared to undermine the management so blatantly remain at the club. I think the fact tht he has ended up in Turkey suggests that he probably isn't half as good as most City fans think he is...

  3. Will miss him - he was a great player

  4. Ye, good luck to the guy!

    On his day, he was simply genius!

    Ela, Ela, Elano, Elano, Elano, Ela, Ela, Ela, Elano