Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Petrov returns!!!!!!

Mark Hughes has confirmed that Martin Petrov is travelling with the squad for the game against Hamburg.

Hughes said...........

''The plan was to give him 45 minutes'' - reference to reserve game -

"He came through that and looked impressive.''

"You forget what quality he can produce, and he looked in good nick.''

"He was blowing a bit, which is fairly obvious given how long he has been out. But he is an option for us.''

This is fantastic news, I hope he isn't being rushed and I am sure he probably isn't, I am so glad he is back. We have more than missed him this season and with his quality returning to the team we have a better chance of reaching 7Th place in the league and progressing in Europe. I also think if Petrov and Robinho play in the same team it could benefit Robinho, having a player like Petrov dominating the left wing with his direct play will mean that defenders will be dragged towards him. With two players of such vast quality playing down one side, there is no way that any defence will be able to mark both of them out of a game.


  1. petrov was probably our most consistant attacking player last year, istanbul here we come

  2. I see Robinho as a goal poacher along the lines of Law or the Goat. Not tucking in behind anybody, but there, at the spearhead of the attack. Playing him consistently out of position this season (after Petrov got injured) would have been enough to destroy most player's confidence. All it's done with this boy has been to slow him down away from home.

    If we get Petrov moving on the left, Shaun on the right, Stevie making things happen as a link man, Elano on instead of a defensive midfielder, and Craig Bellamy (if he still insists on playing him amidst so much class), tucking in BEHIND Robinho, then you're right - we'd be invincible. But he won't.

  3. Robinho hasn't been played out of position, he is a left sided player and that is his favoured position, he also plays there for Brazil.

  4. Gary

    Check this out:


    If as you say, Robinho is left sided, then he's miraculously changed his preferred foot since this compilation was put together. This video proves my point perfectly. There are goals here from the left, from the right, and most often - through the middle. By chaining him down onto the left wing, Mark Hughes has reduced his potential goal-scoring capability by 66%

  5. It doesn't matter where he has scored goals from he is a left sided player and that's what I said. If Hughes is chaining him down to the left as you say it, that doesn't take away from the fact he is a left sided player.

  6. Ok even though I knew I was right about Robinho being a left sided player, because you took time to post a video I watched it.

    The video confirms what I am saying, he scores 3 goals coming in from the right, 1 header from a corner and 1 header from a cross, all the rest were from the left. When you say he scores most from down the middle, well the nets are in the middle of the pitch so he scored from the middle a fair bit but after coming in from the left.

    So all in all your video backed me up, you just got it wrong this time he is a left sided player and always has been.

  7. Sorry - left sided players don't score ALL their goals with their right foot.

  8. You seem to be arguing with fact, he is a left sided player.