Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Only a young player of the year nomination?

Stephen Ireland's fine season has seen him rewarded with a nomination for the PFA young player of the year award, did he deserve more though?

Stephen Ireland has been brilliant for us this season and being nominated for young player of the year is great, but I think that maybe he should have been nominated for the full PFA player of the year award.

When I look at the list of nominees for PFA player of the year, I can't help but think that there is at least one player on there because of who he plays for, so did Ireland unfairly miss out or does a young player of the year nomination reflect a good return for the way he has performed this season? Have a look at the nominees for both awards and let me know what you think.

PFA young player of the year contenders:
Gabriel Agbonlahor - Aston Villa
Jonny Evans - Manchester United
Stephen Ireland - Manchester City
Aaron Lennon - Tottenham Hotspur
Rafael - Manchester United
Ashley Young - Aston Villa

PFA player of the year contenders:
Rio Ferdinand - Manchester United
Steven Gerrard - Liverpool
Ryan Giggs - Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United
Edwin van der Sar - Manchester United
Nemanja Vidic - Manchester United

Call me biased but I think Stephen Ireland easily wins the young player of the year award, I will back Gerrard for the full player of the year award.


  1. you are incredibly biased :)
    How does he easily win the award?
    no doubt he has been your most consistent player in the league but so has Lennon for Spurs (who i support) however realistically on the season as a whole it will go to one of the Villa boys who have put their club in the position it finds itself in. It will probably go to Young.

  2. g agbonlahor has gone missing for half the season setvie ireland and been man of match for city in virtually every match and scored 11 or 12 goals ask yourself??? im irish and a city fan i dont want him to go play for his country city pay his wages its just an injury worry fuck all this country shit get brady out first before stevie should even think about it!

  3. Let's say this about the young player nominee's they are all pretty good players or they would'nt even be listed. I'm a City supporter so I'm bound to agree with vote's for Steven, I'm not in a position to say whether the others are better, because I simply don't watch them live in games and I'm of the oppinion that you can only really judge a player young or not by seeing them week in and week out. I say may the best of them win it. But come on Stevie.
    I'd like to say though that I do feel the senior player of the year nominees are a bit of a joke. Where's Torres in the list, miles better than Ronaldo or Gigg's this season.

  4. LOL @ the first comment I am slightly biased but I am also a huge fan of football and there is no doubting Stephen Ireland's ability and as for Lennon I am a huge fan of his but for me he hasn't been as good as Ireland this season.

  5. Lennon seems like a cut-price Shaun Wright-Phillips to me.

    SWP is the other player, beside Ireland, who has sparkled consistantly for City this season.

    Ireland is becoming a "Paul Scholes who can tackle". No bad thing.

  6. man, so many deluded spurs fans. where was lennon for the first half of the season when you were playing shite? hiding, thats where. ineffective. this is a player of the SEASON award, not player-of-the-last-two-months.

    if stevie don't win it there is something well wrong, the only other player there that comes close is young. as for the senior list, where the hell is lampard? gerrard has started 15 games this term, lampard has been instrumental all season. thats what this award is supposed to be about.

  7. These awards are voted for before xmas apparantly so if Ireland isnt in the top 2 for young player its a joke,the only player who comes close to him would be young! As for the senior awards.what can you say,yet again man ure bias,surely at least 1 chelsea and villa player has to b worth a nomination!!!

  8. Ireland has been graet this season and been Irish also and massive city fan agree whole heartly with anonymous,
    On Irland and our country no way in hell would I want to play on a team with a crazy Italian Trap in charge Brady knocking around like a bad smell as some sort translator, and Robbie Keane as Captain Keane as a captian is a joke!!

    Ireland does without a shadow deserve it for this season,
    and he's right city pays the bills for whatever mad ass cars he and his bird want

  9. I am a city fan and agree with many
    Ofthe Lennon comments for me it between Ireland or Young

  10. Anyone know how many times that kid from the red team that live near Manchester started this season ? what ever about rest of the list anyone think he should be on it or just throwin a bone that way as per the norm ??

    Ireland wins hands down for me on this list!!