Friday, 17 April 2009

Can it not be like that every week?

The team and the crowd were absolutely exemplary against Hamburg, so why can't it be like that all the time?

I know the game against Hamburg was particularly important but surely we hold every game that City have in just as high regard, I know I do. The atmosphere was amazing against Hamburg, the City fans really showed the rest of the world why we are the best when it comes to supporting a football team. It was also very enjoyable, bananas, flags, scarfs it was great. So take into account that it was enjoyable and made us stand out as fans let alone help our team perform, why can't every home game be the same? We could turn Eastlands into a fortress every week, also to be the only team in England to have such an overwhelming atmosphere would be great and a lot of fun in the process.

The main and most important thing that the atmosphere helped to do was make our team play to their maximum, we gave our best and they returned the favour. Taking all those points into account are we as City fans willing to commit ourselves to the team like that every week?, I know I'm in.


  1. we definetly should!! were did the atmosphere from maine road go? we used to play with passion at maine road, fans and players. im only 15 an my fondest memory was being at maine road in the kippax with an electric atmosphere and city actually looking like they wanted to be wearing a blue shirt and commiting themsleves to playing well for the club. its not too difficult to sing your hearts out to show appreciation for 90mins every other week is it?


  3. This is the Key. we have to get behind the team the entire 90 minutes. we have to become even louder if we fall behind or are playing poorly. We have to lift the team. This will help lay down the foundation to the winning mentality that has been sorely missing at City. It cannot be conditional. If we are going to demand 100% commitment of the players than we have to demand it of ourselves as well. Be part of the solution instead of part of the problem!

  4. Pj very well said again, I don't think I have ever seen a comment from you here or on other City blogs that don't make sense, nice one.

  5. daz, still guted we dint get thru..... manc18 April 2009 at 02:04

    i agree boys, best support ive seen in ages, if we cud do the same every week eastlands cud b a fortress, gota say elano showed his true colours on thurs absoulutly world class performance 10/10, he loves the us but i dnt fink he's keen on hughes, even tho im not a big fan of hughes i say give him a chance, choppin n changin managers is not the way forward, u gota admit the players he brought have done brilliant plus he got the best out of stevie ireland, kompany has been great as av SWP, bellamy,ecspialy given,zabo +de jond as been a batterler....... i say give him a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I'm 37 and grew up on The Kippax. I have some very special memories and remember some brilliant atmospheres at Maine Road (Luton 82, Charlton 85, the 10-1, Chelsea when we were both going for promotion, the 5-1, Sunderland on the last day of the season, the Birmingham pitch invasion on a Friday night, Wigan in the play-offs, the last Maine Road derby...) but also remember it being very quiet there on very many occasions. The atmosphere on Thursday night was the best I've ever experienced at any ground, home or away. For it to be like that every home game is unrealistic, but it just shows that after 33 years we're still here - and give us even the slightest hint of success and English football won't know what's hit it.

  7. Im Irish and live in Dublin in 1990 when I was 10 I was brought to Maine Road to see City and one of my heros Niall Quinn its one of the beat memories i have, i knew in my heart then and there i was CITY TILL I DIE even though all my mates were red and red pool they had never been to Maine Road and could never know what it meant to be blue
    The croud never stopped it would be great if that was the case at C.O.M.S did'nt get over on thur night but it looked and sounded amazing on the box had the surround on, the fans should be well proud of themselves great job need to keep it up and push the team on for the 7th golden spot that it is now

    Going the Match tomorrow and would be well up for it if its gets the team to play like that its every City Fans duty to get behind them for full 90 min and make other team live in fear of coming to the mighty C.O.M.S.home of the greatest team and fans in the land !!!!!

  8. To the 37 year old anonymous comment, I don't understand why it is unrealistic for it to be that good every week, it's not the hardest task in the world to sing each week.

    BR121 I hope it's not a wasted journey for you tomorrow, we should do West Brom though.