Thursday, 9 April 2009

Feeling nervous?, need inspiration?, then read this!

In my article on Tuesday named Anybody else feeling nervous about Hamburg game? one of my many valued readers left a comment and part of it really settled the nervous feelings I was beginning to have about the up and coming Hamburg game. So with the Hamburg game a matter of hours away your nerves might be creeping in, read this quote particularly the second half of it, it makes you remember what it means to be a City fan and any anxiety you may have turns into optimism.

''Years of gut wrenching, heart stopping, right to the wire cliff hangers have made us all the same, but I love being a City fan and I love our club for all those good and bad times. The best thing is that whatever happens when we get knocked down we get right back up again, and if football ever does die City fans will be standing in the rubble ready to rebuild it.''

Thanks to a very valued reader of my blog Ian Conway for that inspirational comment, it settled my nerves down quite a lot. I hope it can do the same for any other City fans that are starting to feel the tension in the last couple of hours leading up to the biggest game in recent times for City.

Come on you Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. As a lifelong blue, i always expect the worse, then when {if}it happens i can kid myself that it did`nt hurt as much because i was expecting it anyway. But it never does get any easier.
    but today i have had this very strange feeling of city walking away tonight with a win. i feel like we will put on one of our best performances of the season and tomorrow morning city fans across the world will be buying a copy of several papers to read of our greatest night since we last picked up this trophy.
    have faith lads...its coming home.

  2. I was appalled watching City on Thursday. The defence just stood off all the time until Hamburg tried to get into the box, all crosses were allowed to be put in. I watched a Hamburg player, going down the left, stop, roll the ball forward 5 yards, look up, pick his spot, then deliver, without any challenge going in. If we defend in this mickey mouse way next Thursday, 50,000 people in the stadium will watch City get buried at home. I've been a Blue for 50 bloody hard years, some great and some past description. This team has promise but on Thursday it lacked commitment and passion. We walked the ball around the pitch, they came at us for 90 minutes. Can't we run at teams for 90 minutes for our £60 grand a week ?