Sunday, 19 April 2009

Man City 4 - 2 West Brom (Robinho 8' Onuoha 21' Elano 56'(pen) Sturridge 90', Brunt 37',54')

With the Sun beating down on Eastlands City thought they would make us sweat a bit more, they set about winning the game the hard way.

We started off ok today nothing spectacular but we were playing good enough, after taking the lead through a Robinho volley and then an Onuoha header in the first 21 minutes we began to take it easy. The team were very laid back and didn't seem to have anything to worry about but as soon as the game went to 2 - 1 the team totally fell apart, we lost our shape and West Brom were taking advantage of us. Not long into the second half West Brom scored again to level things up and they probably deserved it as well, luckily Elano managed to win a penalty and then went on to score it to make it 3 - 2. The game was finished off by a Daniel Sturridge goal in the closing stages.

The score line from today's game will look good on paper but City scoring four goals is not a fair reflection on how we or West Brom played. We were treating the game like a training session after we went 2 up but as soon as West Brom got a goal back we were at panic stations, I understand that they might have been worried about a good attacking West Brom team getting an equaliser, but for professionals to fall apart the way they did was pathetic.

I knew West Brom could give us problems after seeing them in other games, they were very well set up and strong in midfield, its hard to see why they haven't picked up more points. Of course we made them look slightly better than they are today, we left ourselves wide open on the flanks and they were constantly exploiting us, why it wasn't changed to stop it happening is beyond me.

Our defence has been a big problem for us lately Bridge and dare I say it Dunne have been shocking, they are both players with quality but for some reason they are not showing us what they are made of. Where there is bad we have good as well, Nedum Onuoha is an absolute star for us at the moment. He is such a calming influence at the back and if he wasn't playing we would be in big trouble, surely his form will be rewarded with a senior England call up very soon.

I will try to look on the bright side of a bad performance, we got three points, the threat of relegation has surely gone, there is still a possibility of qualifying for Europe and Robinho scored his first goal of 2009.

Just a quick mention about the atmosphere today, where did it go?


  1. too hot to cheer!

    Removal of elano very odd. bringing on gelson very odd. Strurridge terrible.

    Subs are meant to change the game in our favour not make us worse.
    We lacked shape and organisation after these changes.

    We seem to lack any tempo, i dont know where it has gone this season. With ireland, elano and robinoh breaking forward quickly, play suddenly stops as it hits 2 defensive mids and we lose an offensive edge.

  2. End of season type of game where we never got started and were 2-0 up after two attacks it then meandered about with West Brom huffing and puffing to blow our straw defence down.
    It was inevitable with the possesion we allowed them that shortly after half time we were 2-2.
    An Elano penalty with a Sturridge goal that he decided not waste with over confidance saw us home.
    Oh well, after Thursday anything is second best, came away feeling it was a win snatched from the jaws of defeat.
    The crowd.... responds to the fans and the fans respond to the players, catch 22.
    Not much on show to get exited about, too soon after the Grand Ball and with a defence looking more frail by every match that pass's.

  3. I don't know how you can call Richard Dunne he made a perfectly timed challenge to prevent the game doing to 3-3. Solid as a rock!
    No mention of Given's keeping today either, Wayne needs to up his game, shocking! Too amny balls coming in from the flanks. Onuoha brilliant! Our third headed goal of the season, can you believe that?
    Elano & Ireland can battle it out for player of the season for me.

  4. Elano player of the season, I don't think so. As for Dunne I am not terribly calling him, but his general play is poor lately anyone who watches him can see that, he is constantly diving in and getting caught wrong side. Given was not amazing today so I am not sure what your refering to there. Tommy Elano came off injured.

  5. why always so negative!! look at the positives! we've had two very difficult and draining games in the space of 4 days both have which we have won. As for the booing when elano was taken off it was uncalled for! hes put his heart into these last two games and is probably knackered as well as carrying a couple of knocks it was the right thing to do, we just dont quite have the squad to bring on a better replacement yet!
    5 games left of the season lets all get behind the team and manager instead of getting on their backs and see who comes in in the summer. I personally hope MH is given time to bring in new players and to build a squad that will next year compete with the top 6.

  6. elano has has sat half the season out... now he's tired? No.. He was playing well again and removed incorrectly and it casued us to lose shape.. it was a silly decision that deserved the negative respone it got.
    it was tactically shite! and had a negative effect on the team.
    - booo to you!

  7. To the anonymous comment I don't know who is being negative but I am certainly not, I am always as positive as possible. But if you want someone to tell you we won 4 - 2 and played great then I am not your man, I simply tell the truth. If Hughes is saying publicly that Elano was done in he probably was, it is hard to get used to playing games after not playing regular.

  8. West Brom came to c.o.m.s with nothing to lose and all to gain have to say i seen some good passing from them, had my heart in my mouth more that once , City again were wasteful with the ball but showed true grit when it went 2-2 pity it takes that to get in gear

    Sturridge was playing 2 touch foorball even the 1 Ireland handed to him on a plate was 2 touch i've got a 4 year old that can play like that im sorry i do think hes a great young talent and star of t/moro but in the box when a ball drops like the two he got 1 miss 2 touch 1 goal 2 touch top class trigger men away in 1 he is young and pressure was on but thats why you get the big bucks in Daniels case maybe not !! and not a hope in hell should city give this lad what his agent is meant to be looking for 60 -70k haha prove your worth first,

    Given did look a bit neverous but a defence you cannot trust would do that we deffo need more clam in the back line as for bringe is very hard to be an attacking left back when you cannot trust that if you go up with Robinho and get caught that hes going to track back for you so thats in his mind go forward defend do it all because your team mate may just totally go against the run of play.

    As for the athosphere I went to the game fired up for a rally behind the team and yes there werew little busts from here and there and it was hot but I think maybe we could of got behind them more because no will come on here and tell me you were deaf enough not to hear the west brom fans we only out numbered them by 37,000 odd