Saturday, 25 April 2009

Everton 1 - 2 Man City (Robinho 35' Ireland 54', Gosling 90')

If you watched us today you would never have guessed that we have struggled away from home this season, we played well today and beat a very good Everton team.

City's first goal came when a superb pass by Elano was picked up by Robinho who then put the ball through Tim Howard's legs and into the back of the net. We made it two nil when goal scorer turned provider, Robinho putting Ireland through to slot the ball home. Dan Gosling pulled one back for Everton late on but it wasn't enough and City won the game.

We had a fantastic win today and proved a lot of people wrong, almost everyone had us down to lose. There is certain people that will get picked out from our win today particularly Robinho and Elano who were both fantastic, I wanted to praise our whole team though. I think as a team we were much better today, we kept our shape, we held the ball, we worked hard and we didn't give up.

I don't want to make it sound like we were better than we were today, but there was never really a point in the game where I was worried about Everton scoring. When Everton had possession today our team seemed very comfortable in letting them have it, City gave you the feeling that they were in total control and it was probably the least nervous I have been whilst watching City all season.

Now I have to mention Robinho and Elano, these two players are different class when on form, today they were both big reasons why we won the game. Robinho was playing with confidence and had the Everton defence rattled, any time he was near the ball he would pull at least two Everton players towards him, his goal and assist were well deserved. As for Elano he seems to be getting his act together, he hasn't been close to the Elano that we seen give us dazzling performances last season, but that looks like it might be changing. A hard working display was topped off by a wonderful ball to send Robinho on his way to scoring a goal.

I also have to give credit to two other people from today's game. First of all I have to say Mark Hughes got everything right today, his tactics were spot on and I think by asking Elano to drop back and cover the right back position after Richards went off injured showed that he isn't afraid to make bold decisions. Another man from today's game who deserves some praise is Wayne Bridge. If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am not a fan of his because of how poor he has been, but I am not one to get on someones back for the sake of it and I have to say that he played very well today. His defending was much much better and going forward he is getting more confident as games go by, he also made a couple of important interceptions today and was for the first time an asset to our team, I hope it continues.

Lets hope that we can keep up the good form and maybe just maybe we will snatch 7Th place.


  1. Oh dear an upset mickey with a poverty striken oufit who would be in the Championship by now without Mad Eyed Moyes.
    We dominated the game and true to form switched off at the end to gift a soft goal.
    Suprised a scouser can string a few sentances together but his school must have been approved.
    They are a sad and bitter lot wondering why in thier misplaced ego driven give me something for nothing attitude we have the cash and they have a failed Corination st actor as owner.
    Pity them, we are on the up and they are only mickey's

  2. So my readers know I have deleted a ridiculous comment from a stupid Everton fan. The reason I deleted it was because it did not deserve to be seen by others.

    But to answer something he said about me being made up about us beating them, even though they have had a busy schedule. Well I don't care about your busy schedule and instead of moaning like a baby why don't you take it as a compliment to your team that I would be so pleased to have beat you.

    And you think your the only team to have had busy schedules this season? Think again.

  3. Thanks Gary,
    Made my defence of Gods own Football Club look a bit odd without his.
    You should have left the sad ego driven clowns self important response on.
    We could all read through his shallow and jelous comments and laughed.

  4. Jealous ????? ha , It's Everton who are finishing the season well above your precious , non important team and going to an FA Cup final :) showering insults upon me or David Moyes doesn't deflect from the fact that having years of bottomless finances thust upon your club , you're still on a par with Stoke , Bolton and hanging onto the coat tails of Fulham .... WOW ! Everton are so bad that Mark Hughes's name is linked with the purchase of one or other of our players every week , We all know you've got no chance of signing any of them , .. you can have Jo back , he's been shown how to score a goal or two , unfortunately , he's not really good enough for us , having said that ,If he returns to your squad of useless prima donnas he'll carry on where he left off . Y' see ,he loves it at Everton and described the set up at City as a nightmare .

    Shallow and Jealous .... ha , don't make me laugh , .. In response to your feeble toothless insult ( a bit like your team ) , My school was quite good , testament to the 11 grade A GCSE 'S AND 4 A Levels , My university wasn't bad either , so don't be too surprised that I can ' string a few words together ' .... but pity us , we're only mickeys :) as I said .. Feeble and toothless !

  5. We shall see next season have Jo back will do I think not because hes not good enough but because as Moyes said you could'nt afford him maybe if he was on the pitch today you may of had a better chance Hughes also said he does have a Future at City 5 goals in 9 games shows hes finding his feet in the prem yeah great you did get the f.a. cup and beat that red team see can you hold a draw against Chelski funny think that Cup won't have to travel to far but enjoy this season, City are finally starting to gel together and really do now have a shot at 7th

    As for the God's own football Club & Mickeys are well out of Order no place in football !!
    Nothing wrong with a bit of bannter and slagging but no need for that you'll find that most of Ireland are liverpool Reds do you think they give a shit about that crap so leave it out !!

  6. Moyes meant we wouldn't pay £19m for Jo , .. He would sign him on a 12 month loan and after a full pre seasons training and a sprinkle of the Moyes magic he could easily develop into a 20+ goals a season player , he has a very good first touch and knows where the goal is , unfortunately his right foot is only there for standing , alongside the Yak he could form a very good partnership .. PS , I love a bit of banter but I'll defend my team to the last and if City or any team for that matter dismiss us because our finances are not very good then I can just point at our finishing places over the last 5 seasons , well ahead of teams with greater spending power , consistently , and despite this " park the bus " tag the southern based / Sky 4 loving media wish to place on us , we do play some very attractive one touch football at times but 2 minutes on MOTD never demonstrates that , they're more interested in Fellaini's hair .. Now that's what you call shallow !

  7. Well for starters nobody said a bad word about Everton so I don't know what your problem is. As for City being on par with Stoke, Bolton and Fulham, well we used to get more fans in division two than you were getting in the prem at the same time, so what that makes Everton I don't know.

    For the record I am not anti Everton, just do not like idiots who can't take being beaten.

  8. No what he meant is Everton can't afford him which suits us i never thought that he got a fair run out under hughes with all the chopping and changing of strikers this season so hopfully for us he'll come home this summer knock the late night partying on the head and get to work see what he's made of next season and then tar him