Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Anybody else feeling nervous about Hamburg game?

So I was sitting there earlier watching shameless and I couldn't concentrate, thinking about the game against Hamburg is only thing occupying my thoughts.

I get nervous over every game that City are involved in but this game against Hamburg seems to have sent me to a new level of anxiety. It is such an important game and apart from the division two play off final, it is the biggest game City have had in my lifetime.

There is a lot of ifs, buts and maybes going through my head about the possible outcome of the game, when the thought came in to my head that we could be beaten out of sight away to Hamburg, it was an unbearable thought.

It is clear that Hamburg are a very good side and one major sign that they have a great team spirit is that they have lost Kompany, De Jong and van der Vaart, yet they are still having a great season. Hamburg are also very confident and don't seemed to be at all worried about facing City, it looks like the pressure is more so on us.

Although I am very nervous I do think that we are capable of coming home from Germany with a good result. I know a lot of City fans that really don't give our squad enough credit sometimes, I know that we are very inconsistent but when we turn up, we are a very good team.

Maybe the hope I have that we can go through this tie is due to me having my City tinted glasses on, I just hate the thought of us losing and going out after we have made it this far. Perhaps we will go all the way, perhaps we won't, we will soon find out and either way I think we can be proud of how far we have already come in this competition.

I'm glad I have got that off my chest, I just wanted to share my thoughts and hear the feelings of fellow City fans on what is surely our biggest game for sometime.


  1. You have my sympathy, I am exactly the same, I'm 52 now and I've been the same since I started watching our beloved Blues when I was 13. That bloke that could lift a bar stool with his teeth, well that's what my nail biting will be like on the night, I'll be kicking every ball, just like yourself and every other City fan I suppose. Years of gut wrenching, heart stopping, right to the wire cliff hangers have made us all the same, but I love being a City fan and I love our club for all those good and bad times. The best thing is that whatever happens when we get knocked down we get right back up again, and if football ever does die City fans will be standing in the rubble ready to rebuild it.
    Long live the drama that is City and roll on Thursday, can't wait even with all the tension. Must remember to buy a tube of NO MORE NAILS.

  2. Can the poster of the previous comment please leave your name if you return, I like your comment and may want to use something from it and would like to include your name if I do, thanks.

  3. Probably the best quote i have heard "Ever"

    if football ever does die City fans will be standing in the rubble ready to rebuild it.

    I honestgly think we'll be ok, odds are against us and thats when we succeed, if we were playing Stockport COunty on Thursday instead of the Burgers then id be more worried... if we hold them off, tie them up and make the first leg boring and difficult we can bring them home and execute them here!

    3-1 city (overall)

  4. I's certainly the biggest game in my lifetime (I'm a mere 30 years old) but I have a really good feeling, perhaps naively, that we could come away with at least a draw.

    I'm not dreading it because we all know that if City turn up we are the best team in the competition. If we turn up.


  5. From Anonymous, 08 April 2009 02:08
    Hello Gary
    My name is Ian Conway thanks for asking and feel free to use anything I have posted.

    All the very best.

  6. Sorry that should have been 08 April 2009 02:50.

    Damn nervous Tension.

  7. Thanks Ian and Gazinio I agree what a quote, I was blew away when I read it, great stuff.