Monday, 6 April 2009

Finally Robinho is cleared!

Today the West Yorkshire Police have finally confirmed that Robinho will not face any charges after being accused of a serious sexual assault.

The West Yorkshire Police made this statement.....

''Following a report of a serious sexual assault that occurred at a nightclub in Leeds on January 14, 2009, the matter was investigated and the man was arrested and released on police bail.''

''A file was submitted to the CPS, who decided that no further action should be taken."

Robinho's adviser Chris Nathaniel has also commented on the outcome............

"I am pleased to announce that Robson de Souza has been cleared of all allegations of rape.''

"He has maintained his innocence throughout the police interview process and I am delighted that all charges have been dropped.''

"Robinho is a hard-working family man, who is extremely passionate about football. He now wishes to focus his attention on Manchester City to help create a successful end to the season. ''

"Robinho will be making an official statement at a later date. In the meantime, he wants to pass on his sincere thanks to all his family, friends, fans and Manchester City colleagues who have supported him through this terrible ordeal."

It is about time the burden of these stupid allegations have been lifted off Robinho's and our Club's shoulders. It was becoming increasingly obvious that Robinho had not committed rape, any evidence would have been found within days. I am so glad that this is over now, it is very annoying to me when our club has to worry about non footballing matters.

I now look forward to hearing what Robinho has to say on the matter, once he does release his statement that should be the end of it and he can concentrate on his football.

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