Saturday, 4 April 2009

Arsenal 2 - 0 Man City ( Adebayor 8', 49')

So an away game and an away defeat, I think we are used to it now, aren't we?

Today's game looked more or less over after Adebayor scored in the 8Th minute, on Grand National day City just didn't look like they were at the races.

Where do I start, the summary of this performance is the same as after any other away game, poor. We approached the game really negatively and didn't look up for the game from the first whistle.

Arsenal's first goal came when a free kick was delivered into our box, our defence left Adebayor all alone to head home. Arsenal's second goal was also poor defending on our behalf, Adebayor again being allowed way to much space before putting the ball in the back of the net.

I have to start by questioning Hughes I think. First of all why on earth did Wayne Bridge and Vincent Kompany start the game? They couldn't have been fit, Bridge on only lasted 17 minutes and Kompany only lasted 38 minutes. Not only that but when he had to make the changes, I felt he made the wrong ones. Gelson Fernandes was brought on for Bridge and although he had one of his more composed games, I thought that considering the game was flat and we weren't creating anything, Elano should have come on for Bridge. Kompany then makes way and Elano is finally put on the field, I felt if Elano had previously been brought on that we could have put a striker on for Kompany. It was all to negative for my liking, Hughes had been talking about our attacking threat this week yet he doesn't make us play attacking football away from home,why isn't he just sending us out to do what we do best, which is counter attacking football.

We looked tired today and maybe the International break took its toll a little but not enough to make them play with no passion. I think the trend in our squad seems to be if one player is playing bad another one takes it easy and so on, they can't all be having a bad day on the same day every away day, can they? - That was not supposed to be a Cat in the Hat inspired piece -

Of all the quality we have in our squad there is one player in our team that has really been bugging me lately and that is Shaun Wright-Phillips, he is so frustrating. He has bags and bags full of ability but he just isn't churning out these exciting attacking performances that we know he is capable of. When I watch him I see the Shaun Wright-Phillips that played for Chelsea creeping in a lot of the time, he gets the ball and moves it on instead of doing what he does best. I'm not getting on his back I just want the real SWP to come out of his shell, which will mean getting rid of the style he has picked up at Chelsea.

I thought a good thing to take from today's game was Robinho's performance, he didn't do anything spectacular but his commitment could not be questioned today. He tried his best to get back and help out and was making tackles at every opportunity, he was obviously determined to prove people wrong. Honestly it was quite pleasing to see and it was a really encouraging sign, I just hope he keeps stepping it up each week from now on.

All in all I think Hughes approached the game in the wrong way today and chose the wrong personnel, I hope that we can get our heads up in time for the Hamburg game and that Kompany and Bridge are not to badly injured so that they can play against the Germans.


  1. everything was smack bang wrong today. No team can be successful setting out to defend and allow arsenal to come at them. They simple waltzed through our defence at no great pace or urgency. The 1st goal was embarrasing. Adebayor didnt move!

    Three defensive midfielders, shows a complete lack of ideas from the manager. Bellamy simple just got in the way today, i had hoped he would of removed him for bojinov for a bit of actually ability rather than pace and attitude. Robinho worked hard as ever and made extra effort to tackle, which not something i really want from his game, goals will do for me!
    SWP doing his blind ally trick, running and not delivering.

    Bellamy, Kompany and Bridge all were struggling with injury, we have replacements why not pick them. This game was never going to be an easy one nor was it one we could expect to win. Hughes should of protected our interests for Hamburg, the only real cause we have left this season.

    Elano should of started let alone come on for bridge. I dont see what gelson was going to add to the side considering Hughes had picked three strikers on the bench!

    It was a cluesless performance from both team and manager.

  2. we've got cesc fabregas,we've got cesc fabregas
    you've got robinho......

  3. I would rather have Robinho, mainly because it is more likely he will be at our club next season where as it is likely Fabregas won't be at Arsenal.

  4. do you think his that mad to leave, 200k a week
    dont think so.

  5. anyone who thinks Fabregas is leaving this summer is deluded, absolutely no chance..btw i like your just need to change your manager...

  6. dont be so confident arsenal fan's.

    footballers can not be trusted. The lure ofr big money and possible championship in la liga may be too big a draw for him rather than competeting for fourth with villa.

    we can swap managers if you like?

  7. Just to clear up this Fabregas arguement...and establish you believe all the nonsense you read in the papers...

    I would say it is almost certain Cesc will be with us next season, many more infact...the same cant be said neurotic Robinho.

    And to say he would rather go to a league with no challange (same two teams EVERY year), not captain, not first choice and no greater chance of winning the CL....mmmmmmm. Cesc has a great deal of integrity, intelligence and loyality. As does Wenger.

    Our clashes have been good this year, we look forward to seeing your summer signings next season!

  8. you havnt cleared anything up. i will remind you off the point. It's irrelivant what cesc has said, which is very little. How do you know cesc has a great deal of integrity? simply conjecture.

    You hope he will stay!

    I think barcelona have a better chance of playing in the final than arsenal. And of course he would become 1st choice through ability and his nationality.

    Just dont be too suprised when he turns up in spain next season. lol

    robinho cost us alot of money, who's going to take him off our hands? He's still scored more goals than any arsenal player!

  9. This Cesc debate gone little bit wild, I never said he was definitely leaving but I think that it is more likely Robinho will still be with us, if a Spanish Club comes in Cesc will consider it I think.