Thursday, 16 April 2009

Are we ready!

There is still hours until kick off, but already I am preparing myself, my shirt is sitting along side my scarf and my head is going wild with thoughts.

I don't know what to expect tonight but I think apart from winning two nil of course, I just want to see the team give us 100%. If I have to sit and watch a lacklustre don't care performance, I think I will be angrier than I have ever been in my life. Lets hope that is not the case.

To go back to my headline, are we ready for tonight? There is many things we need to be prepared for tonight, most importantly we need to be ready to give everything we have in way of support to help the team give us everything they have. We also have to be ready for defeat, if we go out of the competition it is going to deeply hurt us. On the flip side if we win, which we are more than capable of, we need to be ready for overwhelming joy and maybe the odd heart attack. As for our team and Manager they will have to be ready to, because if they lie down and accept defeat tonight, there is going to be a huge amount of calls for heads to roll.

Finally, I believe we can win tonight and I am not just saying that as a City fan. I think we have enough quality to score two goals, it just depends if the quality shines through.

It makes me feel better getting a few of those things off my chest, I am sure that there is other City fans like myself with many things going through their head, please do let me know how you feel about the game tonight, I am sure it will make you feel a bit better as well.


  1. its all about the crowd if we are up for it the players will respond lets make it a night never to forget and shock a few cynics to boot

  2. Agreed. We need to turn it into a real cauldren of hate towards Hamburg - lets boo their every touch (just like in our previously successful derby's).

  3. watch out for an early hamburg goal... that will kill the crowd. Hamburg are really strong! and their pace and skill going forward will test the keystone cops at the back.

    i'm not expecting anything but a cold night!

  4. Ihave been ready for this match since we loost in germany last week , but after defet for fulham i really start thinking negative but as i allways have been , after one day or two am posetive again and just seen next match , yes i have been ready for tonight`s match few days now but today i didnt have could thinking on any ader thing , only the match have been in my head , tomorrow i will say sorry to my wife cos today i have only manchester city , i say to my wife that i will love her again tomorrow.

    this match is importand and we must win , but i agree with what u saying , if the boys give us 100% of them selve and loose then i will be proud of them anyway , but if our boys playing like they do in fulham then i will be so so dissapoined , i also scare about the WBA match on sunday but for now its only tonights match ther is impoartand , we all know how good we can be but nothing in last time have show that we are back like we know we can be but this is city and we never know... when we shall win then we often dissaponed and when we are afred we loose then we win so let us hope this evening is one of the god one

    Go Go Go City dant let it end tonight!!.

  5. I think the boys will be as pumped up as the fans, if not then they are in real trouble.
    If the performance is poor I can see a serious protest kicking in with the Hughes Out brigade in full voice.
    I don't think I can remember a game City fans have anticipated as eagerly as this one in a long time.

  6. i am so very tired at supporting this club, i have given them everything over he last 30 years, and for only a handful of good memories in exchange.
    i prey as i always prey that we can show a bit of class, but to be honest we haven't shown the guts since that night at spurs coming from 3-0 down.
    hope i am proved wrong but i can only see the same score as last Thursday.1-3

  7. I'm sat at my desk in the city centre having avoided work for the past hour or so. Counting the minutes until 5.30 when i head down to sinclairs and sink three or four turbo pints before making my way east. Sufficiently lubricated I intend to exercise my vocal chords for as long as they are needed because tonight my club really needs me. City until I Expire!!

  8. Peter I can't really say I know how you feel because I havn't even been alive for 30 years. What I do know is though, if the worst happens tonight and we go out you will still be a City fan in the morning, that is what make us truely unique. So don't get tired of supporting City because deep down we all love it.

  9. i agree with you Gery , me like Peter have follow city for almost 30 years and what i can tell you is that even i like City before we going down to lowest division ever i have never support more then we going down and for not many years ago we was happy just to stay in the premier league so belive time have been more diffeculd before then if we loose tonight , and if yes only "if" we should go out tonight then i will be very dissapoined but i still belive ther will come time after this then we not even will remember this evening , cos ther is bigger things for City in future.

    am a very optemistic person and i belive belive belive...... all the way in to the end , am proud of City and ther will never ever another team for my heart.


  10. That is a good way to look at it, our time will come, but that time could still be tonight.

    I will be leaving for Eastlands soon, I want to get there nice and early and be part of generating some atmosphere, if everyone can get there early that would be great, so we can set about getting the place rocking!

    Come on City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Great Gery! , me? well i wish i could be ther but am norwegian and i sit in my home in norway so have no chanse to be ther , i wish you all luck with this match and let us hope they give 110%

    Come on City!!!!!


  12. Tonight is the night when us City fans can really prove we are the best fans in world, the team needs us tonight to be the twelfth man. Lets get behind the lads and as long as we get 100% from the team and show some grit and determination I will be a happy man.

    This is the biggest game of my life tonight so lets show what the best fans in world can really do.


    P.S everyone buy bannas like the good old days.

    COME ON CITY!!!!!!!

  13. What A power house from city that was until Dunne got gated and Elano was side lined great idea hughes anybody shed some light on that 1 by sparky ??

  14. Elano went off injured.

    What a night we proved we are the best fans in the world and infact the team isn't bad either. Tonight is proud night for us City fans so hold your head up high.

    It just wasn't meant to be, with a some better finishing would could have gone through with ease.

    All I wanted tonight was the team to give 100% and show some pride in the shirt they are wearing, I got all that and more.

    City Till I Die

    Our time will come.

  15. This match was good from City side but again not good enough , no leaguecup no facup a boring place in the premier league and now out of europen (uefacup) , this seson is finish for us and this is sad.

    yes we have back the proud tonight but its not good enough with only one of 10 of matches like this we need to be much better and we have long way to go.

  16. Nice 1 for that did'nt get that on the box and no mention of it was a graet night 1 to be proud of if city played like that half of the time were in top 4 no bother