Wednesday, 1 April 2009

City sign Loris Karius

According to the players father and his agent, City have signed Germany Under 16 International goalkeeper Loris Karius.

The 15 year old goalkeeper is rated as one of the brightest prospects in Europe and after a lot of interest from clubs all over Europe, particularly the Premier League, City have won the race to sign him.

His agent Klaus Gerster said............

''Loris signed a three-year contract in Manchester last week, We had many offers from England and Germany - 70 percent of Premier League sides wanted Loris.''

''Loris has great talent - if he didn't, there wouldn't have been such massive interest in him - but football is all about performances.''

VfB Stuttgart who the player currently plays for are not happy about him signing with City.

Stuttgart's youth coordinator Thomas Allbeck said.............

''There was an exorbitant amount of money involved,
On the one hand we cannot afford this and we are also unwilling to keep up with this.''

''That amount of money was well out of proportion.

''All the sporting and educational aspects will not matter when a young player has got it made financially in just a few years time.''

Sounds like we have signed a good young player. Although we are wealthy now, he might save us a few quid in the future.


  1. This is not only an example of the depth of our international scouting network on young players but also a guideline on club policy.
    It makes far more sense financially to secure gifted players young and develop them through the best Academy in Europe. Neatly side steps any future legislation on "Home Grown" players to boot .

  2. I think this is a sad indictement of football: large sums of money changing hands to drag a 15 year old boy away from his family to live and work in a foreign country, all promoted and handled by a licensed agent.

  3. He hasn't been dragged because of money, legally we can only pay him a certain amount of money a week because of his age. Any other money he recieves will be performance related, so if he earns it he earns it, simple as that.

    If he has been dragged then I wouldn't mind being dragged away from where I am so I can earn enough money to secure my long term future, that's for sure.

  4. Dragged away my arse, Anonymous. Ooh I'm being dragged away to a foreign country and been given loads of cash, Ive been dragged away from my family and millions of English girls are gonna be chasing me. Shut up. Fair play, we've got a talented future star here. And anonymous, Im sure he'll be able to get a plane ticket to visit his family on his salary.

  5. Come on guys, get real, look at what his agent and club said in your first piece. "exorbitant amount of money", "well out of proportion". Basically we've made an offer he/his parents/agent can't refuse. But he's a boy, not a man. And Jameo, you think cash and girls is all that matters. At 15??? I beg to differ. What about stability and security at home, good parenting..
    So no I won't shut up, I think it's morally bankrupt. Lifelong blue, but I don't like this,

  6. errrrrmmm, this not only happens in football, dominicans boys of 13 yrs or younger are kept in training camps oblivious to most outside occurences. In fact, if in any sport the signing of youngsters is done the right way its in football.

  7. By the way i was talking of baseball and how major league clubs each have their own special training camps where they farm and develop young talent. This not only happens in the Dom Rep, it happens pretty much every other baseball dominated latin country. In these camps the players have few contacts with their parents and their homes.