Sunday, 30 August 2009

Portsmouth 0 - 1 Man City (Adebayor 30') *Video*

Another away win, we are in dream land! We came away with all three points today but by heck we made it hard for ourselves.

As has become the norm, we started off well today and made some good chances. It was off a set piece though that we took the advantage, Adebayor rising highest to head home a very well taken corner. Goal below, allow time to buffer!

We are being consistent in our play this season, really good the first 60 minutes then terrible the last 30! It is becoming a little frustrating to watch the way we have been playing, at times it is like we don't want to kill the game off and that we are happy for the opposition to have a go at us. We are getting away with it at the moment partly because the quality of opposition hasn't been great, but if we do that against a good team they will definitely take advantage of it.

We were lacking a little in basic football skills today, our passing was terrible at times and we gave the ball away numerous times when we shouldn't have. I also thought our marking and tracking back was poor at times, there were average players cutting right through our midfield. We should be doing better with the basics of football!

I have to say I was a bit sad to see Hughes leave the team as it was, he should have definitely made changes. Wright-Phillips was poor again and had pretty much no affect on the game, I thought Weiss should have come on. Ireland was also very poor today considering what he is capable of and I felt he should have come off earlier than he did and although Bellamy worked quite hard he is no where near a left winger and I thought he should have changed that as well.

The good thing about all our little problems is that they aren't to hard to put right, Hughes needs to identify them and sort it out. The quicker he does that the better, I am sure it will benefit all of our nerves if he does!

Another three points and on we march!



  1. Was a cracking header

  2. i think that we can score a lot more of goal..a lot of chances..but,i think Robinho should play on this game..he is the better composer to compose better pass..Bellamy is speed..but Robinho's pass+composure is better..

    hope that we can win against Gunner..