Thursday, 13 August 2009

I need five Man City fans to have their say!

I am calling on my blog readers to tell me what they think the new season will bring.

I would like five readers to email me a short detailed piece about what they can see happening this season. I would like you to include things like who you think our star player will be, our top goal scorer and so on.

Your opinion will then be published on my blog, I will publish the first five emails I receive.

My reason for doing this is to get a big picture of what we City fans feel like as a whole.

If you could email me at that would be much appreciated, please make sure you leave your name, thanks.


  1. From what I have seen so far (celtic, Rangers and Kaiser Chiefs) our defence still looks woeful !! If we go all out attack then we can/will be awesome...but my fear is that if we concede we will retreat and put ourselves under pressure...and the defence is that flimsy that I fear this will be inevitable! I expect an awful start and end up 8th

  2. I disagree with the earlier comment. We know how bad our defence can be but the right people are doing something about it. Hughes is clearly trying to strengthen, Dunne is working as hard as ever to keep his place and Ned is looking like he could be the next big star for everyone to rave about. Even Ben Haim looked better when he came on!
    With Kompany out, De Jong seems to be taking the opportunity to show how reliable his defensive management can be and he's looking better than last season already.
    We should have no problem scoring goals just as soon as it really starts to click. I expect us to be in an end of season battle for 4th - and I think we may just sneak it.

  3. I think this close season, we've bought inteligently. Everyone has Prem experience and has performed.

    We had one of the best defences in the prem with Dunne and Distin a couple of seasons ago, perhaps with these two, that can be repeated??!! Ok, maybe not.

    Attackwise, I think the future's firmly sky blue. We have pace, guile, strength and finishing ability in abundance. I actually think that the epoymous Robinho may step up again this season with 15-20 goals.

    Finish - 5th.

  4. This season will be great. All of our big money signings will pay off. We will show the lights of Arsenal and Everton who will make the so called top four. I can see our away form improving and we will be unbeatable at home as usual. Man City are now good title contenders behind Chealsea and Liverpool. Man Utd will be lucky if they finish fourth.

  5. I personelly think we are in for the best season we have seen for many years. We're getting hyped up and down but what sheer entertainment we are, and before the season has kicked off. Everyone wants to know whats happening at our place. We have a really sound manager who can take whatever is thrown at him and a developing team that before long will be able to take on the best europe and the world has to offer. How could next season be anything less than magical.

  6. Rob Yeats said......

    Defence still needs sorting, best form of defence is attack and with our new strikeforce we should score against most teams. We should go all out and get Lescott. Top 5 beckons if we can start winning on the road.

  7. i think it will be the best season since Ali and the "Goat" made us smile...Sheikh Mansour has really put some belief into us again, may our team be Great again
    Blue Moon has risen! the sun is starting to set on the red ones over road

  8. I think for me, the problem is still the midfield. Hughes only concern is sorting out the defence, which worries me, because last season we lost alot of the battle in the middle, especially against the big teams.
    Ireland is a creative player who does get stuck in, but he isnt physical enough and was brushed aside against the likes of chelsea and united. Adding one player in barry isnt going to change that. We need a midfielder with drive, power and energy. We lost elano who had some great attacking qualities, ut i feel we need someone of a different style.

    Ideally wes Sneijder type of player!

    We are very exciting going forward, but i feel were still too lighweight in the middle. Johnno doesnt look hopefull fitness wise!

    The defence should be sorted soon enough.
    my worry is bridge, who i really dont rate