Saturday, 22 August 2009

Man City 1 - 0 Wolves (Adebayor 18') *Video*

Our first home game and our first home win. we made it hard for ourselves in the second half, but we took three points all the same.

We started off very well today, the team looked like they had been playing together for a while. Our goal came from Adebayor, Tevez passed to Adebayor and he finished very well from inside the box. Video below, give it a few seconds to buffer!

The first half today was great, we were doing everything right. We didn't panic and were happy to keep hold of the ball and wait for our chances to come. At half time we could have been at least five up, but we were very wasteful in front of goal. The second half was no where near as impressive as the first, we became lazy and let Wolves take control for long periods, unfortunately for Wolves they didn't really have any quality to turn their domination into a goal.

I was quite disappointed with our second half showing, we took our foot off the gas and seemed to think we were going to stroll through. Wolves had other plans though and carved out some half chances including hitting the bar, although a lot of Wolves good work came from us being poor. The main difference from our performance in the first and second half was work rate, we stopped working hard and began to be sloppy. Hughes will have to address that and sort it out.

There were some good performances today by City players that really encouraged me. I want to start with Dunne, on the radio on the way home a City fan got on and said that he was terrible and that was not the case. His passing was bad at times but that was about it, I just do not understand these people who want to get on his back. Then there was Toure and Barry, these two guys were superb. Toure was a rock at the back and was constantly organising the players around him and Barry, well he is fantastic in all areas of his game. Barry's work rate is ridiculous at times, he just never stops running.

All in all we got three points out of the game and will be confident about the game against Portsmouth next week.


  1. Got to admit - when Barry was signed i was less than enthusiastic about it. How wrong i was! In all preseasons so far he has looked totally comfortable in his role and today i thought he was head and shoulders above everyone (and there were some good performances out there). He really looks the complete package - mightily impressed. Look at it this way - the first games of the season will hopefully be our shakiest as a team (it's pretty definate the spending hasn't stopped yet) so with every passing week we should hopefully get better as a unit. Todays second half was a bit dire - BUT we won - as we did last week.... yey!

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