Friday, 14 August 2009

Blackburn Rovers vs Man City - Sat 15Th Aug 15:00 pm

Finally the season is upon us, our much anticipated season will begin with an away trip to Ewood Park.

I am as nervous as ever about tomorrows game, I think it is extremely important that we win and win well. After all the money we have spent and all the quality we have brought in, every football fan in the country will be looking for our result after the game has finished. I think it is very important that when they do check our score, they will see a score that suggests City won the game with ease. We must do our very best not to give people a reason to have a go at us after only one game.

Now to the game, as nervous as I am, I think City should be able to come away form Ewood Park with a victory. We are much stronger than they are and apart from kicking us as David Dunn has suggested, I don't see what they have in their team that will help them beat us. I think their team is lacking all the way through and I am certainly expecting us to breach what is not a strong defence.

I don't want to be to harsh on Blackburn they are a decent team, but if we were to come away with anything but a win it would be an opening day disaster.

City Team News:
Roque Santa Cruz has still not recovered from a knee operation and will miss the game. Vincent Kompany is still struggling with a toe injury and Michael Johnson is also out with an abdominal injury. Emanuel Adebayor is 50/50 after picking up a groin injury on International duty. Tevez, Bellamy, Toure and Onuoha are all expected to be fit.

Blackburn Team News:
Ryan Nelsen is struggling with a knee injury and may not play, Chris Samba and Vince Grella have been passed fit though and are both expected to start. Blackburn's new striker Nikola Kalinic is still awaiting a work permit and will miss the game.

Possible Man City Line Up:
Given, Zabaleta, Dunne, Toure, Bridge, Wright-Phillips, Barry, De Jong, Ireland, Robinho, Tevez.

Possible Blackburn Line Up: Robinson, Jacobsen, Warnock, Nelsen, Samba, Pedersen, Emerton, Andrews, Grella, Diouf, McCarthy.

My Prediction: Blackburn Rovers 1 - 3 Man City

Worth A Bet:
Gareth Barry scores in a 1 - 3 City win.


  1. I was at training today and they all looked well together. Carlos is running around with a big smile on his face and looks mean. No Manu though think it might be CT & CB upfront

  2. I think Blackburn will keep everyone behind the ball and defend like mad,which caused problems for us last season,but i think that we just have too much up front now for us not to stick a couple in,as long as our defence holds up then it should be a comfortable win,come on city!!

  3. Shouldnt you be getting your sheep in at this time of night

  4. not a strong defense? really?
    you can't just buy the biggest names in football and hope that that will win you the games. Compare man city's defense to rovers and tell me who has the stronger defense. It's defense that wins you the games.
    I'm not scared of man citys open play, and expect it to be a very open game.
    I'm guessing a set piece goal from both teams and one of the teams to nick a sloppy late goal.

  5. Our whole defence is better than your's.

    Bridge - Warnock

    Dunne - Nelsen

    Toure- Gael Givet

    Zabaleta - Samba

    As you can see I compared our defence and found what I already knew, ours is better.

    Maybe you took it wrong, I didn't say weak defence, I said not strong. I think you have an average defence and when you look at our attacking threat it is not hard to figure out why I think we should score against you.

  6. dunne has been a big liability recently, along with zabaleta. bridge is a good defender. toure has just got there, and won't have meshed well with the other guys yet. although in saying this, i'm sure man city will be awarded a weak handball penalty call...

  7. Typical "paint by numbers" fan. Our players are worth more than yours in The Sun's fantasy football game so therefore we will beat you.

    If only football was like that eh? You have bought some big names, well done but they have zero experience of playing with each other.

    Without wanting to sound too romatic it's heart, pride and team unity that win you football games as well as indivdual skill.

    As for your comparisons, Samba is better than Zab and Nelseen is better than Dunne so take your blue tinted specs off.

    Finally, the tagline on your Robinho image doesn't sound right. If you're the best team in the world, then by definition you're the best team in the land so why write it?

  8. No way are Samba and Nelsen better than Zabbo and Dunne.

    As for Zabbo being a liability thats just nonsense to.

    The best team in the land and all the world is a City song, we are telling you we are the best in this land and then saying no actually and the world.

    You say I have blue tinted specs on and to be honest alot of the time I do, I can't help it. But really I don't think your defenders are better than ours.

    I think you have your tints on a bit too, thanks for commenting though I like to have opposition fans opinions.

    P.S. I don't read the Sun its a paper full of rubbish, so I wouldn't know about the prices of the fantasy football players.