Friday, 14 August 2009

The fans have spoken!!!!!

Below is a collection of thoughts from four City fans and funnily enough a Wolves/City fan, before you say it I know, but he was in my top five and took the time to email me so he is in.

Asking for the fans opinions is designed to get a full range of what City fans think about the up and coming season.

I would like to sincerely thank all the people who emailed me their opinion, my site is for the fans and the fans have made this article possible.

So what do us fans think is awaiting us this season?

1. Hi whomever reads
This is undoubtedly going to be one of the most exciting seasons, who am I kidding, by far the most exciting season since I've had the fortune of being a blue. Of course, being City, it wouldn't be excitement without a tinge of fear, something is going to go wrong. You all know that sinking feeling.
However, while that is the case, I am of the firm belief that this season will see us taking massive strides forward. With those Hughes has brought in (hoping they stay fit) mixing well with the undoubted quality already at the club I think we have a real shot at the top four this year.
It won't be easy, and there will be some soft results as the season goes on, but because of the weaknesses inherent in the Arsenal, i think that we have a real shot. As a bonus, we also have the ability to go out and fix quickly any weaknesses identified up until January.
So - for this season. Star player I think will be Carlos Tevez for his work rate which was sadly lacking without Bellamy up top last year. However, the unsung heroes will, for me, be Barry and De Jong. Already they are looking like forming a formidable partnership, given Stevie I a license to bomb forward.
Top goalscorer is tough. I think Robbi and Stevie will weigh in similar numbers as last year, but Adebayor will top them, but not reach 20. I also back Craig Bellamy, and Tevez to reach double figures, but fear for Santa Cruz's game time and fitness - hope I'm wrong.
Toure will be a major influence both on the field, in bringing on Micah and Nedum, while Barry will be a successful team captain (as Dunney will remain club captain).
Also, watch out for Robbi this year. With the options in the team, it will be so much harder for teams to mark him out of the game.
League finish: 5th / 6th (if we don't strengthen the back four) or 4th if we strengthen.
I also think there will be another random star name (but not marquee :)) before the window closes, other than Lescott / Upson / Distin.
Looking forward to the season and keep reading this blog... it keeps me thoroughly entertained whilst at work.

Andrew Roberts.

2. Hey I am a Manchester city Fan...and I think that our star player this season will be Ireland..he is advancing and progressing very well...I can see him doing great for our top goal scorer I believe Adebayor(if he stays fit) can accomplish that with around 20 goals I think that Barry should be our captain because he has the most premier league experience and plays for England as well...As for our league prediction I believe we can win it because if u look at our buys the are all from the premier league and all from the top six teams...except Santa Cruz (who has 23 goals in his first season) but we can win it...we need at least one more defender before the windows shuts and I hope we can get Lescott...Later USVI Daviel...

Daviel James.

3. I really don't know what to expect from this season. All I can say is that I literally can't wait, and it's definitely that most highly anticipated campaign for city in decades. There are so many questions that will soon be answered; Will the players gel? Can Hughes keep all the stars happy? Will we the press continue to slag us off for no apparent reason?
I just hope Sparky gives youngsters such as Weiss a chance to prove themselves, as it would be such a shame to see our acclaimed academy go to waste, and reckon that some of them have the potential to outshine the likes of Tevez and Adebayor.

Prediction: 3rd pushing united into 4th.

Top scorer: Robinho with 20 plus
Player of season: Nigel De Jong
Breakthrough player: Vladimir Weiss

James Gorman.

4. City look strong going into a season for the first time in a while, and I feel it will be a successful season and with result in finishing 4th. The midfield and attack for me is particularly strong with the link up of Barry and Ireland being the most exciting for me, in the attack I think Robinho will shine and Tevez will be a fans favourite for the season but the player of the season will be Ireland followed shortly by Barry and Robi. The defence is a worry at this moment in time, but the window hasn't closed, I suspect we will get Lescott and we'll have a strong back 4 in Richards, Toure, Lescott and Bridge, overall a very solid starting 11 with capable back up in the likes of Santa Cruz, Bellamy, Petrov, Kompany, Zabaleta and Onuoha.

Ash Jones.

5. Hey!

I read your blog, although being a Wolves fan :) But anyway my predictions are:

Top scorer: Santa Cruz (I hope he gets well soon... Blistering seasons in Rovers team)

Star player: I am hoping for Ireland making the deadly assists - he is in my Fantasy Football team ;)

Fans favourite: Has got to be Tevez.

I have been supporting City as my "second team" for about 10 years, so I know the background and your recent revival also. Good luck in breaking into CL places :)


Once again thank you to Andrew, Daviel, James, Ash and Tanel. Your input really is appreciated.

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