Wednesday, 19 August 2009

City beat Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

City have won the Joan Gamper Trophy! City have beaten the Champions of Europe in their own back yard.

The only goal of the game came from Martin Petrov, a great pass by Ireland found Petrov, the Bulgarian ran with the ball and then finished very neatly.

I know that Barcelona's full team wasn't out, but neither was ours and Barca got a lot closer to having their full team out at one stage than we ever did. Either way, we beat the Champions of Europe at the wonderful Nou Camp.

So people will say we only won a trophy named after a former Barca founder, President and player, but I think that it was a great win all the same. The win should fill us with a lot of confidence, not just anyone goes and wins at the Nou Camp against any Barca team. The most confidence should be taken by our defence, we faced a lot of pressure tonight and they were wonderful.

Beating Barca is a dream whatever line up you may face, I just hope we can keep our confidence high and carry on winning games.


  1. to be honest city left many players out, we had no where near a full team, i read an article sumhere that was dressing down our result by saying barca had only 3 full time players in there squad, i can name at least 8 by the end of the game where as we gave or youngsters a run out and some non regulars. A great defensive display and we had a couple oportunities to add more goals hope this is the first of many trophies to come even though its a mickey mouse cup ! .

  2. Laughable. You'll be raving about a Subbuteo win next.

  3. great jobs...City will be bigger than ever...NEXT...BEAT THE WOLVES...

  4. I think that someone mentioning Barca had 3 regulars out was referring to starting XI were Puyol, Busquets & Toure were our ONLY regulars.

    Puyol got subbed early and the rest of our defense came on at 70 mins, out of which ONLY Pique was a regular.

    From the midfield Toure, Busquets & Keita were the ONLY regulars and the others were Guddy (bench warmer) & youth players.

    Up front is the only place were we put 2 of our starting XI Ibra & Messi....Pedro being our sub and the rest youth players.

    You can judge for yourself what we put out there according to that & still dominated most of the match against a team that put at least 9 to 10 players behind the ball.

    Enjoy the victory, I am not discounting it but please before thinking it was a big big step realize that it was just a test run :)

  5. The arab club is a pox on world football – an infiltration by a foreign government into the domestic league of another country. This government/royal family intervention in an overseas sporting competition is unheard of and unethical and quite simply disgusting. There is a lot of difference between being bought by private individuals and being commandeered by a foreign government.
    It's like Prince Charles going out and buying Barcelona for the British people. Preposterous, but no more so than what followers of the arab club have allowed to happen to their own club.
    A vile and revolting pus is oozing in Manchester.

  6. anon @ 03:18....sod off you jealous RAG!! CTID

  7. city beat barca and scum lose to burnley - i think we might look back at last night as the start of the shift in power in manchester.
    Looking at the top four it seems to me that the US owners of utd have stopped the cash, lIverpool have just spent£1.5m on a centre half and cant afford to buy a hull player. Chelsea will continue to spend money and have the strongest squad. Arsenal have money but will they spend it? All have the potential to decline except probably Chelsea. Tottenham and city are on the up and can outspend 3 of the top 4 so i think a top 6 will emerge over the next tow seasons with Liverpool most at risk of falling out of champions league

  8. anon @ 03:18, just because you post that on every site on the internet, doesn't make it anymore true.

  9. To the Barca fan, we did not have our full team out either!

  10. In argentina a guy make a version of wonderwall in cumbia style.
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