Thursday, 27 August 2009

City win again!

City have advanced to the 3rd round of the Carling Cup, City beat Crystal Palace 2 - 0 at Selhurst Park.

Our first goal came five minutes after half time, Shauny Wright breaking forward before smashing the ball into the back of the net from around ten yards. Our second goal was scored by the new Man City messiah himself, Carlos Tevez scoring a header from a corner.

We played alright tonight, but could have been a lot better. Palace made it difficult for us, they tried to play us at our own game and came out of the traps at a 100 miles an hour. The way Palace were playing meant we had to work hard and there was no room for error, however there were times when we made mistakes.

I think at times we have a problem with holding the ball, we go all out and try to score to much at times. We needed someone to put their foot on the ball and hold it while we regrouped, it didn't really happen and I am sure it is hard to not want to attack with all that talent up top, but ultimately we will have to do that at times. Obviously things like that will come along once the team gel and settle down a bit, so it isn't to much of a worry at the moment.

All in all another good win for the blues against a good Palace side and another confident boost, on we march!!!!

*Video of goals to be added when available.

P.S. Apologies for not doing a pre-match today, my day job had me tied up today.


  1. Reasonably impressed with the performance tonight, the old city might have conceeded in the first half and got knocked out. Main concern is with subs used - as on Saturday front two seemed to stop working after 65 minutes and we needed fresh legs. Also fear for Petrovs career with Bellamy coming on at left midfield for Robinho. Barry is class and Bridge looks so much better with good players all around him.

  2. Agree with all said so far. Looked the better side but would of been nice to see us hold the ball up in midfield a bit more. How ever CP were quality going forward an Moses looked a real threat

  3. I concur with all said and really enjoyed an entertaining blood n thunder cup tie.

    Just thought I'd pop over and let you know I'm still around and reading my favourite City blog. Just been a bit busy at work then broke my arm playing footy!
    Keep up the good stuff, mate.