Thursday, 13 August 2009

City get tv time in the Cup!

The date for the Carling Cup second round tie has been announced, the game will be played on Thursday the 27Th of August.

The game will be shown live on Sky Sports and will kick off at 8 pm. Ticket details for the game have not been released yet, but are expected to be shortly.


  1. Picked, no doubt, in the vague hope that we get turned over.

  2. nowt vague about that hope!

  3. It wouldn't be City if we didn't get knocked out away from home against lower league opposition in an early round of a cup ;)

  4. Keep the Faith blues, We Got Robinho.........We got Robinho........ :oD

  5. City are news lads.
    Good news for a change.
    Some meejah prats may hope for a 'crash and burn' story so it's up to the team to do the talking with their tootsies now (and not by licking Colin Shindler up the jacksie with yer size 9's Craig :-)

    Alphie Izzet