Sunday, 16 August 2009

Blackburn 0 - 2 Man City ( Adebayor 2', Ireland 90') *Video*

City have opened the campaign with a win and away from home at that. It felt like a huge weight was lifted yesterday, considering how many eyes are on us this season.

We got a great start yesterday, Adebayor scoring after just a couple of minutes. Adebayor had pushed the ball forward to SWP and then made his way towards the box, SWP took Warnock on and layed off Adebayor who powerfully side footed it into the net. Our second goal by Ireland was simply class, Ireland was put through on goal and after making the keeper come out he held the ball up, it looked like he was going to square it and then changed his mind and turned towards goal. The way he finished you would have thought there was nobody in his way, it was superb. Video below!

We played alright yesterday, I thought we pretty much ran the game. Blackburn did have patches where they threatened but ultimately their route one football didn't break us down. First half there were some dodgy moments that were a little worrying to watch and we definitely could have played better than we were. Second half though we bossed the game, our class shone through and Blackburn couldn't really compete.

I think Hughes also deserves his credit from our win yesterday, I was quite surprised that he dropped De Jong and that he chose Richards over Zabaleta. For starters not only did he drop De Jong who has looked good in preseason, but he dropped him to play two strikers which is normally unheard of with Hughes. As for playing Richards who we all know was rubbish last season by his standards, well it turned out to be a great move. Micah Richards was absolutely brilliant yesterday, he was the Micah we all know he can be. Well done Hughes!

If we were to pick out a slightly weak part of our team yesterday then it would have been the defence. They were not terrible but there was a couple of situations we could have handled better. It was mainly because Dunne was being dragged out to the left where Bridge should have been, now Dunne will get all the flack because he is making last ditch tackles or not getting there at all, but really it is Bridge's fault. I do not know where he goes at times but he certainly is not in his position, it needs to be addressed.

With Wolves next up at home I am getting excited about us being able to gather some momentum and confidence. I don't want to get carried away that's for sure, but if we can beat all the average teams in the league which we should and take points from the games against the top four, we really have a chance of having a very good season.



  1. Was good win yesterday do hope that City can keep the away form in better check than last season as there were far to many points droped on away games with that now in the minds of the players that City can go to somewhere like Ewood park which has held problems in the past and come away with 2-0 win is great
    Gary agree with you on Bridge is out of position a lotleaving Dunne with more problems that he can handle if it keeps up surely if the fans can spot this Managers and players of other prem clubs will start to exploit the situation

    Roll on next week see how we fair at home with wolves

  2. dunne deserves flack for missing headers, being turned easily by roberts, he was atrocious in the 1st half as was bridge. But both made mark improvments in the second.