Saturday, 20 June 2009

Tevez rejects United, is he on his way to City? *video*

Today it has been confirmed that Carlos Tevez will not be a United player next season, so is he on his way to City?

It is almost nailed on that Tevez will now be a City player although Chelsea are said to be in the hunt. I think Tevez would be a decent signing but I also think he is another example of a totally over priced player, if Chelsea were to win the race I wouldn't be heartbroken.

I do however think that City will be his most likely destination, I also think that Kia Joorabchian the man that owns him will be pushing him toward City regardless of what he says. City have built quite a close relationship with Joorabchian, he has been involved in a number of our deals in recent times.

So are we getting excited about the possibility of signing Tevez?

Here is a video of what we may get if Tevez were to sign and if we don't sign him then here is a video of what United have lost!

P.S. Sorry I was late with this story but I have been to the Zoo lol


  1. They didn't want you, down at the Zoo, then?

  2. They want anyone down there who has money pal, £10 for 2 balloons, I did have my City top on though so maybe they inflated the price lol

  3. Lets get him in a sky blue shirt as soon as possible. I think our South American strikeforce should cause the other premiership teams problems next season, not to mention a selection problem when all our strikers are fit but at least it is better to have that problem than not enough quality. It is great to be a City fan.

  4. We will defo score loads of goals next season!!
    We need some defenders though, we let in too many last year!!!

  5. I think Chelski may pull this one off does Tevez still own a house in London ?

    I have rated Tevez since he was at West Ham and I would love to see him at City along side Robinho,Ireland,& S.W.P, City would have some power going forward with players who know where the net is,

    I would hate to see Chelsea have him so would Trafford Utd as they don't see City as a threat to them unlike Liverpool & Arsenal who have said City are a up and coming force thats if we can keep Robinho sounds like the papers are trying to move him to Barca

  6. Great news for the Blue Army ! I hope we pull this one off as Tevez would be the perfect compliment to our attacking options, I hope he realises that he will be moving to the best club and has thought long and hard at the prospect of bench warming for Chelsea, he is obviously moving for the football as anyone can see and let me just say that its finally our turn to be the movers and shakers of the EPL (Que all negativity and disrespect) its obvious that our ambition is finally being realised by football players who are all about the game.

    Roll on next season, Roll on.