Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Did we get a good set of fixtures?

The dust has settled since the fixtures were released at 10 o'clock this morning and after studying them I am trying to figure out if we got a favourable set of fixtures.

I think we have a good start, the first four fixtures against Blackburn, Everton, Wolves and Portsmouth all seem winnable to me. I think Everton will be the toughest game but I am hoping we will be stronger than them this season.

There is a couple of hard double headers for us in the fixtures, we have Liverpool followed by Chelsea in February and then Man Utd followed by Arsenal in April, all winnable of course but all very tough to win. The stand out month in the fixtures for me though is September, we only have three games and two of them are against Man Utd and Arsenal, I think it is the hardest month to take the majority of the points on offer.

Apart from September I don't see a month of fixtures where we will hit a real hard patch, the fixtures seem to be very varied, the weak, average and strong teams all mixed in together.

A good amount of points in each month are well and truly there for the taking, we just need our away form to get better and I can see us having at the very least a comfortable season.

What do you think about our fixtures?


  1. Not worried with our six additional quality signings.

    Don't wish to be cheeky but is there any chance you could do a blog on the two interviews Al Mubarak gave to newspaper.

    They are very interesting and I for one, would enjoy your commentary on it.

  2. I haven't seen any interviews by him in that newspaper strangely, I will get right on it and see what I can do for you.

  3. Actually sorry I have read it just not on that site, thought it may have been a new one.

    Just to clarify you mean this

    You say two, there is a couple there if you could get the link for the other I would appreciate it.


    You are going to love these,I haven't done any work yet lol.

  5. The Christmas period seems really good and if you look at Spuds run for the last four games its a nightmare

    Arsenal(h)then Chelsea (h)then up to Owe Trafford and last match to possible relagation candidates Burnley and they will be our biggest challengers for 4th or 5 th spot

  6. Thanks I will see what I can take from them and do my best.

  7. The Everton match has been postponed.

  8. This part of interview has been added in the Times (from another interview in the National):

    ...while al-Mubarak stressed that Mark Hughes, the manager, had the final say on which players are brought in, he insisted that they were aiming high as they look to broaden their appeal, especially in the Middle East.

    Al-Mubarak said that he wants City to become “almost a cult” there through success and star power.

    “I am very confident that over the next two seasons we will be very big in the Middle East,” he told The National, an Abu Dhabi-based newspaper. “As you start seeing us winning, you will see a very fast growth.”

    City are confident of signing Carlos Tévez, the Manchester United striker, and also want Samuel Eto'o, of Barcelona, but al-Mubarak conceded that clubs are reluctant to sell their best players unless they are offered huge sums and even then are faced with the problem of how to replace them.

    “Everybody has opinions, but there are particular positions that if you are looking for an A-class player, your options are not that big,” he said. “If you are looking for impact players, the reality of the situation is quite thin. How will United fill the void of Ronaldo?”