Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Gareth Barry is a City player!!!!

City have now confirmed via the official website that Gareth Barry will be a Manchester City player next season.

City have paid £12 million for the England International and have given him a 5 year contract.

This signing will be seen as a real sign of our intent, we have signed one of the most highly rated midfielders in the country and have done it in a very shrewd style.

I am glad that we are showing people we mean business, if we don't take this kind of stance all the time we will become a joke.

I am quite excited about this signing now it has happened, I think it is because I was expecting a little uncertainty when it came to signing players. I thought maybe we would be a last resort for a lot of bigger players who would use us for a pay day if they didn't get their big move elsewhere, but it seems that Hughes is doing something right behind the scenes.

Are we happy? I am!


  1. Sweet signing and a sign of things to come!

  2. Anyone seen the film "Field Of Dreams"? Baseball based, stars Kevin Costner, good family fare....

    Reason I mention it, they have a line in it that stands out....


  3. Lol tell you what busy little afternoon of news there I'm off out for a well deserved pint!

  4. hold your horses matey, how much is he getting 'played' again? save your comments for your own team you illiterate knob-jockey. as an aside, why would you continue to play for a team who put up no fight to hold on to him when a bid came in from the mickeys, not only that but banned him from training and fined him? it was time to move on but not to a club who only valued him the same as steve finnan and sami hyypia. besides we are building up to a world cup year and we can guarantee this guy first team football.

  5. Anonymous sounds like sour grapes!!

    guess we know what team you suppport starting to get worried the strangle hold on the leauge may get broke

    said it before and say it again it's alrite any top euro teams to spend what they want and it's ground breaking !! But what right have City and now pommey have to spend lots of cash to catch up ?

    In short piss off !! your scared right down in the pit of your bowels you would hate to see a culb like City do well

    Barry should play well with Ireland did say earlier someone of City mabye even a fans FAVE nay get the push for this sighing hope Barry proves to be the sighing we all hope he is

    As for Tugay if its true a lot this man can teach about passing a ball should be a great coach

  6. Sorry lads I have been out, I have deleted the idiots comment.

  7. I am absoloutley delighted.

    Barry is a quality player who will no doubt help us in our quest for a top 4 spot next season.

    Hopefully Barry will be followed by the likes of Tevez and Villa in the door at Eastlands!


  8. yeh but HeavyRiffs, that was the worst film in the world! :o)