Sunday, 28 June 2009

City could sign Eto'o!

Barcelona have announced that Samuel Eto'o has a huge offer from City and it seems they might be ready to sell him.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta said...........

"Eto'o has a stratospheric offer from City, which would convert him into the best paid player in the world,"

"It's starting to become clear that he has this monster offer. He wants to stay but an offer like this is very difficult to refuse.

"If Eto'o accepts this stratospheric offer we will have to bring in someone."

All I can say is that if we sign Eto'o then I could well faint, he would surely be an amazing signing.


  1. Wonder why Laporta is announcing it? Pnerhaps he's preparing the fans for Eto'o's departure rather than flushing out other buyers. Anyway, this should cause some serious selection problems for Hughes if it happens!

  2. I am sure you seen this coming Gary after reading all the Al Mubaraks interviews recently. I bet you just could not quite believe it. This must be what winning the lottery feels like.
    The fee is agreed and Barcelona need the money to help buy Villa. So now it is up to the persuasive power of our negotiators to convince him we will make the CL in a year, as that will be the sticking point.

  3. Anonymous:Laporta has to publicise it. He is an elected President and has to keep the Members informed of player movements(especially so when the player concerned is Barcelonas 3rd highest scorer in its history when the top 2 played in the 1930s). I am a Barcelona Member and a season card holder at City but my loyalties are primarily to City. This will be the greatest signing we have ever made if it comes off and a major error by Barcelona. Villa is no improvement on Eto'o. He will not be avail for us in Jan bec African Cup of Nations so the RSC is now making sense.

  4. Well like you said I believed it without believeing it if that makes sense lol Now it looks like it could happen.

  5. I prefer Vassell.


    Jeez...I'm praying this will happen. If it does, it will change everything!

  6. What a signing he would be Barca are looking for the cash for Villa and Eto'o has a year left on his contract,

    I dont belive selction will be a problem for Hughes RCS is injury prone Tevez if he was to sign is a work horse who is sure to start there has to be a clear out of at City and fresh new players who have a winning oulook somthing City at times last the names City are been linked with know what it takes to Win its a season long trek no just 1 game here and a game there.

    City have depth in the squad but do we have the quality and the class with current squad to break the top four.