Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ronaldo deal could scupper Tevez move!

It is being widely suggested that Ronaldo's proposed move to Real Madrid could mean that United will splash some cash to secure Carlos Tevez.

A deal to bring Tevez to City is virtually done, the only thing we are waiting for is Tevez to 100% make his mind up. However the news that Ronaldo is off to Madrid could throw a spanner in the works, it is possible that Ferguson could now afford his fee and he may now also be able to offer him a lot more playing time.

Hopefully and more than likely the Glazer's will be eyeing up most of the Ronaldo fee so that they can pay off some of their debt, meaning that United won't get in the way of our Tevez deal or any other players that we may have an eye on.


  1. They offered Tevez the money ages ago the problem is Tevez feels mis treated!

  2. Andy True Blue11 June 2009 at 14:43

    Plus, by all accounts, Tevez was less than impressed with Fergie's last minute telephone call after the Argentina game last night to try to get him to stay. Someone was quotes as saying something along the lines of... "the way he has been treated cannot be fixed so late in the day with one telephone call."

    I keep checking newsnow like a loony hoping that some development arise this week over Tevez and (hopefully) Eto.

    It's all well and good us being linked with these people but we need to start snaring a few more.

    Exciting times!!

  3. The guys on Talk Sport are refering to Tevez as though he has already left United. They are certain the deal has been done to come to the mighty blues. Anything less and im checking into the priory.

  4. Agree - I thought U**ted offered the asking price last week; Should be interesting we still need a powerful centre forward and a rock solid centre half (probably two if Dunne leaves)

    Anyone else see the Robinho goal for Brazil last night - quality strike - he looked very useful playing off the main striker - which if we sign Tevez we have three players that can play that role

  5. i would love to see tevez become a blue!

  6. Re: Andy True Blue, I totally agree we have to get these players signed sealed & delivered, but I still think with Hughes in charge its going to be a real problem attracting them!!!

  7. It was only rumoured United offered the asking price but I think we would have heard if that was true. Plus now that they have 80 million coming in then they may be offer a better payment structure to his owners. We will see!

    Andy I am exactly the same, whether at work, at home or even on my mobile phone I always have newsnow running waiting for news!

  8. Am I the only Blue who doesn't really want Tevez.

    3 reasons: If Bellamy is fit he does that role
    If not Robinho can do it.

    If we get Jonhson back we can push Ireland further forward

    I don't like taking what would be portrayed as a rags cast off

  9. Well I have never said that I want Tevez, however if we sign him it can only be viewed as a good signing.

  10. lol! Everyone knows Tevez would rather stay at United than join you lot. Don't be stupid. the only way Tevez will join you lot is if we refuse to pay the asking price, which looks highly unlkely now. Ah well you still got that quality signing, Gareth Barry lol.

  11. Sorry but to Compare Bellamy & Johnson with Tevez is a no brainer!!! Tevez is world class whilst the other 2 are moderate to say the least!!!

  12. I really hope he signs united dont deserve him after the way he was treated.he would lose all pride if he was to stay and carry on his career at you know who. andy gary i think we need to go and see the doctor cause we are addicted to newsnow lol i wont somthing concrete.

  13. Yes thats Barry the current England international not too many of them in the United midfield is there?

  14. we will rule the world watch out you united fans!

  15. tevez is flying straight to dubai from argentina for a week of special comforts with his family,no guesses who picks up that tab and no guesses what contract he signs whilst there.

  16. "Yes thats Barry the current England international not too many of them in the United midfield is there?"

    Nah, you are right, not that it mattered when the team lifted the Premier League trophy last season. Carrick over Barry anyday my friend. Ah well, If you talk positively about Barry for long enough you may genuinely start to kid yourself that he is actually worth a penny over 5million.

  17. Deary me a disgruntled Man U fan how rare, not!
    Gareth Barry is clearly a good player and if you don't agree then you must know absolutely nothing about football.

  18. story goes swp told ian wright tevez was done and dusted and the whole squad had been informed, hence bojinov and sturridge both questioning their futures at city. and that after the world cup qualifiers, tevez was off to dubai for a rest before the media frenzy took off. also he needs a bigger wallet from duty free to put some proper wages in.

  19. WE all knowthat Tevez would rather stay at U....d,but unforunately his OWNERS dont see it that way.HOWEVER, if he deal does go thru, as soon as he puts on that BLUE shirt and checks his bank balance he will have a point to prove to the Rag establishment and go all out to stuff you rigid! Cant wait for the Derbies!!!

  20. if barry had gone to liverpool last term the filth would never have got near the title and the gay has gone you wont get near another one.

  21. The way I see it, chaps, is if we get him then it's another top quality addition (to add to the much sought-after REGULAR England international, Barry, who is well above Carrick in the pecking order), plus it shows those spoilt gits who's now in charge in Manchester. If we don't get him - so what? More fish, big sea.
    I've been waiting most of my life to load this gun - instead of firing rubber bullets!
    Oh n good luck to Ronaldho in his move to a much bigger club.
    More bullets to come...!

  22. Can't take it checkng newsnow and every other media waiting for city to do the biz

    we all know in our hearts people who are from Manchester are

    Warm, friendly, good hearted folk

    Who know how treat people with respect and family athmospere that Tevez wants and needs c'mon Carlos you know it makes sence

  23. Lets be a bit more streetwise about the ladyboy transfer and Tevez.
    Madrid have no cash, there will not be a cheque written for £80 million, how can they ?
    So it will be a structured repayment over a period I'd guess maybe £10 million over 8 years ? But not upfront so poor misled red idiots, get real.
    Tevez, my belief is that he wants regular first team football, not guaranteed though by the evil empire.
    Would also like to stay in Manchester area where by all accounts his family has settled.
    I think this is nailed on, we can satisfy both requirements plus throw in a salery increase to boot, clinching the deal.
    Delay the announcement untill the formal period of his loan deal to the evil empire has expired to avoid legal complications and then buy his contract outright.
    You tell me when ? End of June or July?
    All hinges on the legal niceties of his loan deal expiring so sit tight, this deal is on !