Saturday, 6 June 2009

Please don't look like the England kit! *Pictures*

Following the confirmation of our new kit deal with Umbro, I had worried about the design of the kits particularly what fabric they would use.

It was confirmed that City will be the only club to have our kits made from the same fabric as the current England shirt, the England shirt is terrible up close and the fabric is not what a football shirt should be made from.

Having just seen these pictures (below) of parts of our new shirts up close I am not ecstatic to say the least, I really do not like the fabric. I suppose the saving grace is that our kit will have a sponsor on it filling up the middle and will divert the eye, obviously England's is blank in the middle.

Don't get me wrong it's not a fashion parade and I am a big believer in that, but you do still want your kits to look half decent, especially considering the amount of ugly ones that are knocking about.

Have a look at these and tell me what you think.

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  1. You're way off the mark. The whole point of these shirts is that they're tailored, not cheaply printed, and retro; a real nod to previous kits. I couldn't be happier, honestly (well, unless we could revert back to the old badge & have no sponsor, but neither of those things are possible).

    Great kits, maybe our best in years, even decades. Chuffed. Completely unique.

  2. Ok, so what kind of fabric do you want? El cheapo shiny 100% polyester?? These kits are going to look eons better than anything we've had in recent years, and better than anything that any of our rivals will be wearing.

  3. I'm with everyone else. These are gonna be absolutely gorgeous. REALLY trendy.

    I thought the England kit was well nice. It's good to see them producing kits that actually look good to 'wear' casually, as most people do - let's be honest, no one turns up in shorts and socks after the age of 11 do they?.. We all wear our shirts with a pair of jeans, so it's well good that they're gonna suit them.

    Being a bit of a fashion follower I'm well excited!

  4. Of course we want City to wear a stylish kit but to worry about the material is way too anal. Lets concentrate on the team hey mate?!

  5. In line with others here, I cant see the problem, I am less enamoured with the link up with Umbro ,following their sell out to the rags somewhile ago but even that is a very small gripe.

  6. ManchesterBLUE6 June 2009 at 07:21

    Man how can anyone not be happy with the kits? They do look like tailored kits, they look like high quality garments. How can anyone not like them and especialy to the extent of setting up a posting with full picture detail? Will it ever be that everyone is happy at the same time? We're the ritchest club in the world and can buy any player we wanted. Our future as a football club is now without doubt going to be the most exciting time of our footballing lives. Every non Man City football fan are slagging us off at every chance. So what are we doin? Sat in our own thorum wasting time to defend a slating for OUR OWN new football strip from a fellow BLUE!! Shouldn't we be stood together laughing and looking at every other football fan cos they all know its just a matter of time before we are the greatest team in Britain

  7. When it comes to good fashion, less is more. These shirts will be great. Stop worrying.

  8. the photos are close-ups, so the weave is more obvious, and football shirts are never very practical for shopping at tesco's anyway. The one I found the hardest-wearing was the old Eidos one, I still put it on and it's fine.

  9. Nice shirts there lovely !!!
    More important than that how will the new players that Hughes signes LOOK in them HAHA

    Gareth Barry wants to know are the DAZ friendly in case of blood after training bust up

    Thank GOD Joey Barton went to Newcastle or that white 1 would be destroyed hahaha

    They are nice shirts lets no forget the reebok shirts so anything is better then that

  10. Quit your bitching, the kits are superb, cant wait to get my hands on them!

  11. I love the fact the kits are going to be tailored and if anything the weave looks to me like the old fashioned cotton shirts which makes them look even classier if anthing. Can't wait to get my hands on one!

  12. 'Of course we want City to wear a stylish kit but to worry about the material is way too anal.'

    I agree it is anal to think about the fabric, but it was something I feel is a little strange having bought replica shirts and played in shirts made of a totally different material.

    I am surprised that nobody at all agrees that to basically wear polo shirts to play football in is strange. If you have held the England shirt as I have (I own one)then you would surely know what I was getting at.

    Anyway it was just about seeing what everyone else thought of wearing 'polo' style shirts next season. I am glad so many City fans are looking forward to the new kit,as am I.

  13. Love the look of all four kit styles.
    Personally, I'd like to see the third shirt as the away shirt (due to me thinking it looks nicer).
    Either way... Improved kits, for an improved/improving team!

  14. They look so good, much much better than i'd feared after seeing that dreadful fake kit doing the rounds on the internet. Like someone said, the only thing missing is the 'old' round club badge. The fabric looks like a lightweight cotton shirt from the past. Just imagine how good Robinho et al are going to look in these when the new season kicks off...definitely the best kit in the league and the best City kits for years and years

  15. So far I have deleted three comments that idiots have left. I posted an article about what I feel and like it when I get proper City fans opinions back.

    If people do not like what I write I do not force you to read, failing that if you have a stupid cocky remark to make please email me and I will tell you where you can find me.

    Thanks as always to my proper readers who give me valued opinions.

  16. Well guys, these shirts are what Man City are all about. Class, Clean and drop dead gorgeous:-).

    Absolutely love the shirts. It will make us unique.

    This is what we have been waiting for.

    I agree with David(and others) its a shame we could not of had the round badge. History IS on our side.

    Win, lose or draw, we MUST support every decision the Management, Players and the Club makes.

    We are Supporters, Lets Support.

    P.S. I will be pleased for Notts County if they get quality backing. You started History. Good Luck.

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