Monday, 22 June 2009

Santa Cruz finally signs for City!

Roque Santa Cruz has finally completed his move from Blackburn Rovers to City! The former Bayern Munich striker has signed a four year contract.

Am I excited that he has signed, no and I am also not disappointed. The feeling I currently have about him signing is one of not knowing and anticipation to see what will happen in relation to how he does for City, I will just have to wait and see.

Roque has told

"I'm very happy to have signed for City - it's been close to happening for a while, and now I can just focus on football and concentrate on doing my best for the club.

"I know the kind of football Mark Hughes wants to play and the kind of character he is - he's a winner, he wants to make things happen and be successful. Those are always my thoughts as well, so knowing what he wants was a big factor in coming here, because I know the club is going in the right direction.

"I know his staff and the kind of training they will have the team doing, so everything was very attractive for me.

"The owners want the club to be more successful - they want to break into the top four, and the fact that the fans are so passionate about everything to do with City was also a factor. I am very motivated to play for these fans.

"I spoke to the Chairman and I know his ambitions are known to everybody at the club - he made sure that I know as well. It was a good conversation. He wants the best for the club and to give something back to the fans."

Hughes said..............

"His ability in the air and his physical presence are qualities we've been missing, but he also has technical ability and good pace for a big man. He's a very good player and one I know well from our time at Blackburn."

So he is finally signed what are your feelings?


  1. I too feel the same way about this signing. I think Hughes will know how to get the best from RSC and he will certainly give us the type of presence we have been missing up front.I hope this works out well, we have spent a lot of time and quite a lot of money on getting him so lets hope it works out.

  2. A lad that can score goals in the air and with feet on the ground hope this works out now bring on Tevez, please please please! we can really start to belive we can break the top 4 with