Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hart goes on loan to Birmingham!

Joe Hart has completed his season long loan move to Birmingham, the City keeper will be pleased to get first team action in the build up to the World Cup.

Not surprising at all especially after we signed Taylor, it is going to be interesting to watch Hart's performances from a far.

I hope his loan goes well and that he makes the World Cup squad, he might then get the bit between his teeth and come back to City and really provide a challenge for Shay.


  1. As a birmingham fan, I have to say I'm pleased about the signing. The lad is quality and I'm sure he will help us, hopefully, stay up.


  2. Well if I am honest Kev Hart was being way over rated, he is'nt close to a finished article or England's number one in my opinion, or he wasn't last season at least.

  3. I thought Maik Taylor was pretty good last time I saw him live. He stopped me winning £900 of a fiver on an eight match accumulator in a 0-0 draw at Maine Road!
    Is Hart gonna be on the bench again?

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