Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Where has he gone?

Over the last few weeks in my close circle of family and friends I have been asking, where is Garrido? I would like to know what his situation is more than ever considering Sylvinho hasn't been very convincing.

Now maybe controversially for a long time I wanted to see Garrido play instead of Bridge, I thought he was quicker, better going forward, a better crosser of the ball and and equally as good at defending. Granted Bridge began to improve a hell of a lot but even then there has been no place even on the bench for Javier.

Garrido started off at City quite well when he arrived but slowly started to find it tough playing every week in the premier league and was taken out of the team, he then got another chance and was visibly improving game by game although he did end up being dropped again.

He has never really had a fair crack at City considering his playing background, he has played all the way through Spain's International ranks up to under 21 level and when we bought him he was being coveted as one of the best young left backs in Spain.

I would like to see Garrido get another crack in our team, Sylvinho is not convincing me at all as a stand in for Bridge, Garrido has surely got to be worth a shot it isn't like he ever did anything particularly bad in the past.

Would you give Garrido a shot or just go out and buy a new left back to place in the team ahead of all our current players who play in that position.


  1. Hopefully he's gone forever, that 6 - 0 lose to chelsea, every goal he played a major fault...

  2. michael frontzeck !!!

  3. I have to disagree the whole team was at fault that day, but just talking Garrido he was slack on only two of the goals and maybe could have tried a bit harder to make a last ditch dive to stop Drogba scoring on another but all six he certainly wasn't responsible for.

    Just incase here you go

  4. 1st goal: Completely left his man free.
    2nd goal: Completely left his man free (same side).
    3rd goal: Flinched and left Drogba to shoot from close.
    4th goal: Far to slow, then if you watch him, he just stops.
    5th goal: Same as goals 1 and 2, nowhere near.
    6th goal: Stands aside and just watches the action, no attempt to tackle block or anything...

  5. I am still not going to agree completely, on the first goal Garrido had his man Essien was not his responsibility it is clearer on this video

    Second goal I think your being harsh, Drogba has run from more or less the centre circle down the middle and should have been a midfielders responsibility or failing that the centre backs.

    Third goal is harsh on him also, Drogba should have not been allowed to venture that far by our defenders on the right hand side, Garrido didn't flinch he tried to make it look like he was going towards him I don't think he could have made a clean tackle considering the pace of the play.

    Fourth goal can't find any good reason why Garrido left him, he was at fault.

    Fifth goal, Slack again along with the rest of the defence.

    Sixth goal I think is a poor assesment on your part, he had a man on the outside totally nothing he could do there to tackle or block.

  6. Garrido deserves a chance, at the very least a place on the bench - Sylvinho has a nice touch but makes most Premier League wingers look like Usain Bolt.....

  7. Good article Gary, its true that the lad has pretty much dropped off the radar. He's certainly not the answer - too defensively frail I think, but there's no reason why he can't play some part.

    Ideally I'd like to sign another left back, though it will be interesting to see if Bridge improves his defensive game under Mancini. I think a lot depends on how well the Italian strikes that fine balance between defence and attack that eventually undid Hughes.

    The weaknesses of Sylvinho are there for all to see (although Aaron Lennon is probably the closest thing in the Premier League to Usain Bolt, so I'd give the Brazilian a bit of leeway there!). I think Sylvinho has to improve on his positioning if he's to be a contender for the left back position.

    So in terms of Garrido, why not?

    Perhaps we shouldn't have let Glauber Berti go!

  8. Quite simple we need height at the back. We lose the vast majority of headers that come in to the box because the defence is mainly 6' or under. Most centre forwards average 6'2" or more. The goalkeeper is also small and because of this does not like venturing off his goalline. The defence I would play if all fully fit. Given,Toure (rb),Kompany(Ch)Lescott(ch),Garrido (lb). I would sell Richards,Onohua and look to buy two world class centre halfs who are over 6'3" and put Toure to Rb.