Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tottenham Hotspur 3 - 0 Man City (Kranjcar 37',90' Defoe 54')

We were let down again, our biggest game of the season so far and we didn't bother to turn up for it.

Rather than disappointed I am actually angry with the showing we put in last night, it is pathetic for professionals to play the way that we did.

We actually started off well and looked like dominating the game but it wasn't to be, the second half was an absolute waste of time. Spurs were totally bypassing our midfield which took de Jongs influence out of the game, our game plan should have been changed but Hughes obviously didn't see fit to do that.

We were crying out for width and I thought Hughes should have gone for it and brought on both Petrov and Weiss, I would have took Adebayor and Barry off for those two and played Robinho across the front line behind Tevez and used him as our creator. I don't know why Hughes didn't do something along those lines because the way Adebayor and Barry were playing it could not have got any worse.

Hughes at least could have made a tactical change so that Robinho was brought into the game more, he got a lot of bad press about his performance last night but for me we were not using him. When he did get on the ball he looked up for it, although I do think he gave up bothering in the second half and there is no excuse for that, I just think he got frustrated with not seeing any of the ball.

The performance as a whole was basically all round poor, players at this level diving in and turning their backs on the ball is damn right pathetic, there is players at the club at the moment that I do not think are fit to wear our shirt and that includes some big money players.

Yet again we are looking at getting back on track at the weekend, if we don't then I think Hughes should fear for his job, maybe I will apply if that does happen because I am sure that I could do a better job than him at times.


  1. well said mate, Hughes reminds me of Maclaren when he was the england boss.

  2. Gary,
    You're spot on about the width (that's what Spurs did) n I was praying for Weiss n Petrov.
    It's a good job I didn't post last night as I was fuming more than I can remember - the reason: Adeby-ee-orr! Absolute disgrace. I hate to say it but those Arsenal fans that swamped your site when we got him were actually right. He's got some serious sucking up to do to win us back over now. Lazy...
    Think I'll leave it there, fella.
    Best wishes to all fellow blues for Chrimbo,