Saturday, 19 December 2009

I dub him MANC - CINI!!!!

So Roberto Mancini is our new manager, he has a good pedigree as a manger and was also a very accomplished player.

As a player Mancini has played for Bologna, Sampdoria, Lazio and the most glamorous of all Leicester City.

As a manager he has took charge of Fiorentina, Lazio and Inter Milan.

He won the Coppa Italia in his first and only season in charge of Fiorentina, he then moved to Lazio where he stayed for two years winning one more Coppa Italia. His best period as a manager was at Inter Milan, in four years he won three Serie A titles and two Coppa Italia's. He has also won plenty of top honours as a player which gives us a huge indication that he is a winner.

Although he wouldn't have been my choice I am not disappointed with Mancini's appointment, up until Inter saw fit to replace him with Mourinho he had a growing reputation as one of the best managers in Europe. Although he has only managed for seven years he has an average of one trophy per season, on top of that his reputation may mean he has more pull when it comes to signing players.

Hopefully another good thing about him is that Italians are renowned for defending and the way our defence is playing at the moment we could sure do with his expertise helping us out in that area of the pitch.

We will just have to wait and see what he does now and fingers crossed he will turn out to be a good appointment.

This is not the first of the Mancini family to be associated with City, His son Filippo was at the club on loan in 2008, he didn't stick around for long lets hope that his Father can do a little better.

What do you think? Is Mancini a good or bad choice?


  1. Can he speak english??

    I understand the entire back room staff have been fired along with Hughes.... Can Mancini's staff speak English??

  2. Brian Kidd is his number 2, I understand that Mancini has been doing English lessons for a while because at the time when the press found out he was learning they jumped on it and were specualting why he is learning it.

  3. We are 6th in the premiership - we are in carling cup semi final - we have sacked our manager - remember when Petr Reid was sacked after we slipped below 5th in the league? alan Ball Brian Horton and carnage followed as we slipped into 3rd tier - hope history is not repeating itself!!!!

  4. Well Brian Kidd is his assitant. I think he can

  5. And they want to get rid of the "typical City" stigma???
    No confidence at the moment, hope to God I'm proved wrong. I like Hughesy, also liked the fact we had a British manager!

  6. Mancini can make some changes in jan then overhaul in summer
    we need to sign in jan:
    Yaya t

    second half of season team
    maicon lescott new cb bridge
    barry yaya toure
    swp ireland tavez
    santa cruz