Thursday, 3 December 2009

Man City 3 - 0 Arsenal ( Tevez 50', Wright-Phillips 69', Weiss 89' ) *Video*

We finally got to a semi final and it feels great! We have disposed of Arsenal and now I am genuinely looking forward to playing United.

Our first two goals were absolute crackers, Tevez banged his in first followed by SWP, our scoring was completed when Vladimir Weiss scored from inside the box after Bellamy ripped Arsenal apart. Goals Below!

We played great last night but as is the way because the young Arsenal team finally lost, we only beat kids according to almost everyone who isn't a City fan. I am not buying it, we can only beat what is put in front of us and we carried out that task superbly.

Our whole team last night played as a unit and it was great to watch, there were also certain individuals who stood out. When I tried to think about who was my man of the match I found myself saying 'SWP played well but mind you so did Bellamy' and so on. If I was to pick a few out it would have to be SWP, Bellamy, Lescott and Tevez, SWP and Bellamy absolutely terrorised Arsenal's defence all night long, then Tevez was working extremely hard up front and definitely deserved his goal and then there was Lescott, I thought he was superb last night and would say it was his best game for us so far.

I think the main thing that our team should take from the game is that if you actually shoot it can work wonders, to often we try to walk the ball in but last night has hopefully shown them that they do not have to walk the ball into the net to get a goal.

If I am honest I am still on a buzz from the result last night and I still haven't been able to gather my thoughts properly, but what I do know is that I am not afraid of playing United in the semi's, on top of that it is better to play them now than in the final because none of us want that long journey home having got beaten by them.

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!


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