Sunday, 6 December 2009

Man City 2- 1 Chelsea ( Adebayor 8' (og), Adebayor 37', Tevez 56', ) *Video*

Well I will be going in to work tomorrow and asking everyone what they were saying about us having no chance against Chelsea, that is for sure! What a great performance and a great day, our players really came through for us and sent a big message out.

We went behind yesterday after a great Shay Given save hit Adebayor on the back and went in to the net. We brushed ourselves off though and Adebayor pounced from inside the box to give us a much deserved equaliser, then Tevez sent us into the lead with a good free kick. Goals and highlights below!

We played brilliant yesterday and took the three points we deserved, people have to give us credit after this victory. I have to say that I think Mark Hughes is a big reason behind our last two great performances, he has had us playing as a team and his tactical plays have been much better. I have also noticed in the last couple of games that Hughes has not sat down, he has been on his feet orchestrating from the sideline.

I can't believe how much of a unit we looked yesterday, it is a dramatic transformation from the team of individuals we have been watching. Every player worked hard for each other and it payed off, the team now has no excuses not to play like that every week!

Because everyone played so well yesterday I am going to rate them individually because they all deserve a mention.

Given - This man has to be the best keeper in the league by a mile, he made some great saves yesterday and a penalty save summed up his quality. My rating 10.

Richards - Played very well and seems to have gone back to basics a little, which is what he needed to do. I can only remember one mistake when he did a silly header. My rating 8.

Toure - Brilliant defending, made no mistakes and beat Nicolas Anelka for pace. Superb game for him. My rating 8.

Lescott - Well I am finally starting to see why we spent so much money on him, along with Toure he had Drogba and Anelka in his bin all game long, flawless performance. My rating 9.

Bridge - Had a good game before going off injured, handled the Chelsea attack well and was also great support going forward. My rating 7.5.

SWP - He finally looks like he is returning to form, he had a great game yesterday and worked extremely hard, the Chelsea defence could not handle him. My rating 9.

Barry - He had a decent first half but really improved in the second, he was moved to left back and did a really good job for us. My rating 7.5.

de Jong - I have nothing to say about this man except for UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Out classed all of the Chelsea midfield. My rating off the chart!

Robinho - Didn't see much of the silky skills from him yesterday but he did a good job sitting in the midfield creating and helping to break things up. My rating 7.5,

Tevez - This lad was absolutely knackered at the end of the game his work rate is second to none, he scored the winning goal and thoroughly deserved to. My rating 10.

Adebayor - He worked a lot harder than in recent times against Chelsea and caused problems for their defence by running the line extremely well, his goal got us on our way to winning the game. My rating 8.

Man of the match: Nigel de Jong.
This man was amazing yesterday, he won every single tackle that he went for, he was simple but effective with his passing and he stopped the Chelsea midfield single handedly. He covered every blade of grass on the pitch and I am going to say that he was not the main reason but the reason that we won the game! The performances that he has been putting in have got to have this guy right at the top in the race for player of the year.

It was an all round great performance yesterday by the playing and coaching staff, I hope that we can continue with this form now and if we do then it will not be 4Th place that we will settle for it will be higher!

Goals and highlights.


  1. It's the big 'IF' we can continue in that manner isn't it. If we can there won't be a place high enough in the Prem for us - amazing to think that against Burnley and easpecially Hull we looked like total individuals...then we face Chelsea and play like that?! We were awesome and i hope they (the players)all realise that, and hopefully thay can replicate it again next week (God help Bolton if they do). So then, to sum up in one word - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  2. Great win, hopefully this will restart our season

  3. We've waited patiently for this project to 'click', or 'gel', which seems to be the buzz word. Well, I think we've just witnessed the first signs of it, chaps!
    WOOHOO indeed.

  4. De Jong, De Jong, De Jong, De Jong, De Jong.
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    Nigel De Jong City 'til he dies!!