Saturday, 12 December 2009

Bolton 3 - 3 Man City (Klasnic 11',Tevez 28', Cahill 43', Richards 45', Klasnic 53', Tevez 77') *Video*

I feel embarrassed and I hope that our players do as well, our performance was poor and at times we even made a worse side in Bolton look decent.

Three times we went behind today and three times we equalised but that winning goal was just beyond us. I cannot believe that we did not win against an extremely poor team, it was all down to how we played and not what Bolton did. Tevez scored two and Richards the other to help get us a point, Goals below.

The whole team did not play well today but I was mostly disappointed with our defence, I thought that as individuals that they all did OK but as a unit they were all over the place at times. I don't think it helped that Nigel de Jong didn't play today, he takes so much pressure off the defence usually and I just don't think they could adapt to him not being there today.

I also was not pleased with Hughes leaving it so long to bring Robinho on today, we were crying out for some creativity but Hughes thought best to leave him on the bench for longer than he should have. I think Hughes could have also stopped Craig Bellamy getting sent off today in a way, he did absolutely nothing up until the point the ref wrongly sent him off and should have been replaced earlier in the game.

You know I could pick at our faults all day long actually but I am not going to, I am feeling really deflated after this result. We should have won it and that is the bottom line, but it was typical City again today I am afraid. We thought that we could win the game at a canter and it backfired, another typical thing that we didn't do today was take advantage of the results around us, when will it stop I just do not know!

We have a massive game coming up now at Spurs, we have to win it to get our top four aspirations on track, if we don't win then I fear that we will look back when the season has finished and see another mediocre finish.



  1. I didn't actually see the game mate, were we really that poor.

    Have you got something off Chris Nield about my idea for our blogs?


  2. Yeah great idea pal, I was buzzing about it until today. The result today ruined my whole weekend, first I found out that our blogs are going to be featured in the programme and then I won a signed Shay Given picture at my works xmas do last night, but this result has put me on a downer.

    We were poor at the very least, thing is Bolton were also poor and managed to put three past us! Bit worrying for me.

  3. Our performances against the "smaller" clubs is embarrassing. It seems, much like Adebayor, we only turn up to play against the big teams...
    If you want to see the reason I despise Adebayor then look at todays game... Compare his performance to that of Tevez, yes Tevez might not always have quality but he always works hard for the team, he must of run twice the distance of Adebayor today and I'm not even including that he carried our attack, while Adebayor stood around waiting for the next Arsenal match and Interviews.

    The defence was awful again... and having watched the Man utd v Villa match, boy could we do with Dunney!!

    At some point Hughes has to be culpable for these results. Bring in Mourinho. Sell Adebayor. Buy players that aren't obsessed with only beating the big teams and that actually want to fight for this club.