Saturday, 19 December 2009

Should Hughes have been sacked?

For me I do not think Hughes should have been sacked yet and I think the way in which he has been sacked shows poor professionalism on the part of our owners.

Sacking a man before the team has a game is ridiculous, then to top it off they had planned to announce it shortly after the game.

I also think that the owners have acted prematurely by sacking him, Hughes has not been the greatest manager in the world by any stretch of the imagination but he was going in the right direction. As well as bringing in a host of new players Hughes has totally over hauled the way the club works as a whole, I have been angry at times with Hughes this season and have thought maybe we should sack him but when it happens and you think about it properly it was not the right decision.

His sacking I have to say has a lot to do with our players, they have let him down with their lacklustre performances. A majority of them should feel bad that they have helped to lose a man his job.

Saying that, we are comfortable in the League and the without a doubt the owners have acted on impulse, so they are to blame for this nonsense as well.

We now have to carry on without the man who was in charge of the team with the least losses in the Premier League this season and more importantly than that without the man who led us to our first semi final of a domestic cup for many years.

Will we ever have some continuity? I just don't know, are you happy to see Hughes go?


  1. As a City supporter of over 40 years, have to say that yet again the club is made to look stupid. 2 defeats, 6th in the Premier, semi-finalists in the carling Cup, beat Arsenal twice, beat Chelsea, draw with Liverpool and we still sack the manager. Who is Mancini? What is he going to have to do to keep his job? With Hughes we had the chance to gey somewhere, now yet again with the ay the board have handled this sackin, we are the laughing stocks of football

  2. So if we end up top 4 and win the Carling Cup, will everyone be saying its such a bad idea? Im not too bothered really. Big ego's are part of the game and you need a big manager to manage them and if Hughes couldnt get the best out of them then lets try someone else.

    City has always been a club thats changed managers, so lets not pretend that the so-called good times are any different than the bad times. To me the club is more important than a manager who tried, and probably walks away with a nice pay-off - lets not feel too bad for him.

    If we want to be in the big league, we need a manager in the same class. Im sick of hearing this rubbish about "top six will do for us". Lets aim high - these petro-dollars wont last forever and lets enjoy the crazy ride while we can, we can all then look back with glazed eyes when we are mid-table nobody's again in ten years. Im not saying Mancini is the answer, but Hughes certainly wasnt.

  3. What was the need for panic?!?!?!?

    Win the game in hand and we are 3 behind Arsenal & Villa in 3rd.

    All we needed was a defensive coach...going forward we are as good as anything out there.

    Now we have manager who has won the Italian League Cup and won Serie A when the scandal was on and his task was made far, far simpler.
    Not saying he isn't a good coach, but is he one that we craved, should Hughes get sacked?
    Hiddink or Mourinho were the obvious choices.

    We now have a fella who is nothing better than Hughes in stature...smacks of panic when there was no need.

    Sadly, life goes on; new manager, new ideals, new tactics, new training. Will we suffer because of this?

  4. Its not all about the manager - Admitidley, I wasnt too keen on him to start, but have slowly warmed to him as our manager.

    The critics and other non city fans were right about some of our players "They only come for the money" Well now look what you gone and done.. Maybe one or two players will feel somewhat guilty tonight. Good luck to Mancini, he'll need it!!

  5. I'm 50:50 on this. I agree that Hughes seems to have been building something pretty solid, but at the same time the way the team seemed to lose all organisation on Wednesday night said a lot to me. I'm not sure Hughes really knows what his strongest team is and I think he is trying to put names on the team sheet and then worry about how to play the game.

    I'm just not sure. For me a team is based on organisation, hardwork and skill in that order and I think maybe we have that in reverse at the moment. Many lesser teams have shown that you can life very hard for you opposition by being organised and if we could get that right, I am sure when the skill we have as well we could win most games. We just haven't got that right.

    Will Mancini sort it out? I have absolutley no idea! Would we have been better off sticking with Hughes until he got it right? No idea, but histroy would suggest this is the way to go! Oh well, all fun and games as usual!!

  6. The more I think about this, the more disappointed I feel. We profess to be 'rich' and yet we appoint Roberto who? Reminds me of that Brian who? moment when Horton was appointed. The board have shown class n patience, but they've let themselves down here.
    If it was Mourinho then I'd be buzzing.
    The timing is poor and this is a gamble.
    Italians are tight defensively so hopefully this fella can sort us out at the back by getting a top centre half n leader...
    ...maybe like that Irish chap at Villa for £25 million!!?
    Seriously though, suppose, as always, we'll just have to wait n see, but I think we should've stuck with Hughes till after the derby semis. Doe Mancini know about Manchester derbies? Doe he know the Premier League? Does he even speak English? Er...hello!

  7. We never learn do we? How long has
    Taggart been in a job? Change manager every 18 months and nothing will change.

  8. F***ed up! Simple as that. You dont sack a a
    manager less than half way thru a season when your in 6th place, beat the Gooners, beat Chelsea, tak nited to a draw (all be it for some dodgy time keeping and have a game in hand to get back into the top 4. Get into a semi for the first time in over 20 years and we've got nited in both ties! what the hell are the owners thinking? ok he results aren't top 4 and we should have done better, but didn't they say it was "a work in progress"? Are they going to sack Robinho and Adebyor aswell for they're poor performances? Lost faith in the owners and getting really worried now as opposed to just being a little pi**ed off before!!!!

  9. well done,top 4 youre havin a laugh.......

  10. Mark's sacking was a disgrace and has tarnished the name of football. Cook has to go! Resign now, it is the will of the fans.
    Saturday there will be a demonstration inside the ground of the discontent felt by City fans.
    Cook out! you are a disgrace and this was not an honest action. We need to restore City's good name; that means Cook has to go. Bill.