Thursday, 5 March 2009

We didn't miss our goal scorers, really?

After the impressive win against Aston Villa on Wednesday night, it has been suggested that we did not miss two of our biggest goal threats.

On the way home from the match yesterday I was listening to BBC radio Manchester and a couple of the callers were in agreement that we didn't miss Bellamy or Robinho, ex blue Nigel Gleghorn who I find normally talks a lot of sense was in agreement.

After hearing more people say the same thing today, the argument seems to be that we were more balanced without them. My opinion is that we were lacking on the left a little yesterday. SWP played great swapping sides, but he can't do that every game without burning himself out, so for me we definitely need a left sided player on the pitch and that is more than likely going to be Robinho. As for Bellamy quite simple really, do you drop a player scoring goals, for me no.


  1. I agree, we missed a left sided player to give balance but if healthy, Petrov could have filled in for the pace we were missing just fine. In this particular game and opponant, I think Caicedo, proved to be a big enough threat, to force Villa to cover him with two defenders whenever the ball came near him. I am not saying that he had such quality int he game, but he poses problems which teams don't necessarily have the answer to. The double team, opened up space for the midfield to operate. SWP's pace clearly proved to cause a problem for Villa. The score should have been higher on both side. Villa had their chances and so did we, both of which failed to convert. I am happy witht he result. I don't want to flush Rob nor Bell. Though I think Hughes needs to be flexible in his lineups dependign on who City are facing. This squad worked against Villa. This was the best game so far for Dunne this year. Same for Elano...

  2. We have one of the best midfields in the country. When played imaginatively, they don't actually need any strikers. In fact the lack of the "hoof it up for Bellamy to chase" option caused them to play it where they should have been doing all along - on the ground. The Villa game also put paid to another axiom that's been going the rounds - that we need a Rocky Santa Cruz to give us 'presence' up front. In fact we would have scored several more had our midfield not been going through the motions of passing it to Caciedo in the box, and passed to each other instead. Think what the score could have been had it been Robinho in the middle waiting to pounce instead of the ineffectual Felipe.

    Of course, that would need a rethink along the lines of "Stop hoofing the ball upfield as far as you can from goal kicks, and get it to Kompany, who can lay it off to de Jong (or preferably Johnson), to get it out to the attacking midfielders".

    But that would mean that we had wasted the whole transfer window trying to sign Santa Cruz, and wasted £10 million on Bellamy, so I don't think it's going to happen somehow...

  3. Agree fully - Robinho Joint 2nd scorer in the prem and bellamy is on fire. Played well on Weds and should of been 3 up before the pen but still miss these two chaps and cant wait to see Robby back for Aalborg!!!! CITD

  4. Look some of u lot need to wake up and smell the coffee.Bellamy has been a tremendous signing and we launched the ball before we signed him due to the fact we havent got any ball playing centre halfs so dont blame bellamy.We need 2 centre halfs and a left winger who can replace the occasionally good but most the time awful robinho and before anyone says we,d be relegated without his goals,no we wouldnt,we would have won far more games because we would have had a far better balanced side.Do you people realise how many bad games the guys had this season.lookat his away form he was ok at liverpool but i can,t remember one more good game hes had!Why do you think madrid let him go ?INCONSISTANCY