Thursday, 12 March 2009

City held Villa talks

It has been confirmed by Valencia vice-president Fernando Gomez that talks over the possible signing of Spanish striker David Villa have been held.

Fernando Gomez had this to say.........

''Yes, it’s true but they didn’t make us an any offer''. “The president Vicente Soriano asked for a significant amount and they didn’t agree''.

Now it's not to surprising that we have approached Valencia for David Villa, he is possibly the best finisher in Europe at the moment. I am a little disillusioned as to why we haven't waved some money in their face to make this cash strapped club think about it a little harder, rather than letting them call the shots. They need to sell and Valencia or not that's how we should be approaching it.

I think all City fans would agree David Villa would be a great signing, lets hope we don't go about it the wrong way so that we can pull off what would be the
signing of another world class player.


  1. lets hope its not another kaka situation...

  2. Bit suspicious of this one actually - sounds like Valencia are just flying a kite to drum up interest and get the price up. Nice if it happened, but I won't get my hopes too high just yet. I would like to think that City learned their lesson in the January window, and are putting things in place ready for the end of season in plenty of time though...