Monday, 23 March 2009

Have City fans been to quick to get on his back?

After hearing a lot of City fans say that Robinho should be dropped and even sold in the summer, are they getting ahead of themselves and forgetting how much of a superstar Robinho really is.

It is obvious that Robinho hasn't been in the same kind of form that he was in at the beginning of the season, but why have some City fans jumped on the back of a man that has given us some really memorable moments this season.

He has done some poor things in recent games most notably the terrible penalty against Sunderland, but in my opinion he is getting way to much flack from some quarters. I am not sure why a lot of City fans have turned on him, maybe they are getting carried away and forgetting how fortunate we have been to see this genuine superstar in a City shirt.

He is obviously lacking in confidence at the moment and I think City fans should get behind him and help him to return to the great form we have previously seen from him this season. What do you think?


  1. The guys going through a dry spell still one of the highest scorers in the league in his first year in the prem! His effort was definetly there for show against Sunderland too after the penalty so people should shut up whining about Rob and let the boy play as hes still miles ahead of half the players we have on our side.

  2. I reckon he is wasted playing on the left. He really needs to be given a free role behind the striker but we will not be in a position to do that til Petrov returns.

  3. people who want rid are idiots.
    I get quite annoyed when fans keep telling my Hughes needs time to get it right, but they will happly get on the back of a player after a few games! Jo's treatment was terrible for a 20 year old and only six start in a foreing league is beyond harsh.

    Robinho has done plenty for us this season, our highest scorer and the stats prove that he consistantly has one of the highest pass success rates, his work rate is good. He is simply low on confidence infront of goal!

    He is in the toughest league in the world and needs time to fit in. Ronaldo, Drogba all took their time to fit into the league and the boo boys didnt get on their back! PL is very different to spain.

    Lets not drive out the best players, otherwise whats the point?

  4. people what him out but to be honest we want all these superstars then why get rid of him we need to start by buying someone at the top
    and robinho is one of them he got me angry yesterday because of the penalty but afterwards he looked up for it and i hope he stays cos thats what we need some great skill

  5. I lOVE THE GUY, 11 Prem League goals, how can u not!!!! any1 who wants him dropping are mad!!! Quality player and still settling, give the lad a chance!!! CITD

  6. the same people calling robinho are the same ones who thought paul dickov was great because he ran around a lot.They also used to call kinkladze as well.The rag loving media can't wait to criticise him because they are jealous that we have got him at all. Get behind the lad we want more superstars not more ged brannans !!!!