Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Jô has City future

According to the Daily Star Mark Hughes has said that Brazilian striker Jô, currently on loan to Everton, has a future with City.

Hughes says..............

''We’re in a no-lose situation with Jo,” said Hughes. “He needs Premier League football because he’s a young kid.''

''He is doing well now and next season you would expect him to be even better.''

''That was the thinking behind it and there is no deal on the table to sell him to Everton.''

''He understood the reasons why we sent him on loan, and he wanted to play.''

''I think the intensity of the Premier League took him back when he arrived. He was struggling to cope with the physicality of it.''

''Technically he’s got enough, but he has to understand the intensity of the football and withstand the physical challenges a bit better.''

''I think it’s hard for forward and wide players coming to our football from abroad to hit the ground running.''

I personally believe new players should be given time to settle, especially when they are so young. I hope does get the chance to come back so he can try and prove himself to the City faithful.

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